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Eleven NEW additions to this series These volumes seem to target exactly what teachers want in a book report. Excellent choices for younger readers. Pull Ahead Books: Biographies Reading Level: Grade 2 Interest Level: Grades K-3 Using conversational text, this beginning biography series introduces young readers to figures with lives of true character. Reading Level: Grade 2 Interest Level: Grades Pre-K-3 Illustrated by an award-winning artist, these simple biographies provide a perfect entry point for learning about history.

Art Profiles for Kids Reading Level: Grade 6 Interest Level: Grades Easy-to-read, full-color biographies highlighting some of the great European artists, their work, and the art movements they inspired. The glossy pages allow for good reproductions of paintings But Roberts does a neat job with this introduction. Ten NEW additions to this series. Classic Storytellers Reading Level: Grade 6 Interest Level: Grades Details the lives of some of the beloved authors who have written popular books for middle grade readers and highlights the era in which the author lived.

Profiles in American History Reading Level: Grade 5 Interest Level: Grades Breezy and engaging narratives that highlight the most important information in the lives of the major persons who shaped the United States of America. Five NEW additions to this series. Biographies New Titles! For those who do, there are millions of books to choose from. For those who take a little longer learning to read, now there are Robbie Readers. Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades Brings introductions of the famous people most studied in the early elementary grades told in a lively narration that 2nd and 3rd graders can read by themselves.

Robbie Reader 25 vols. Purchase these where easy biographies, or those with a focus on character education, are in demand.

Biographies Level: Grades K-3 Kid-friendly biographies invite young readers to take a fresh look into the fascinating lives of famous Americans. These books are excellent sources for first-time research projects. Biographies New Series! Civil Rights Leaders Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Focuses on how each subject played a key role in the sweeping changes brought about in the struggle for racial equality in the United States.

Kid Stars! Twelve NEW additions to this series Colorful board books about opposites that follow a diapered protagonist as he discovers some curious contradictions. Introduces babies and toddlers to key words and concepts with durable lift-the-flap board books that are perfect for little hands. You Are Important A series of wonderfully illustrated board books that will help to build self-esteem in very young children.

Level: Grades Pre-K-K These counting and word board books cover all the most popular preschool subjects—such as vehicles, animals, and colors. Board Books New Titles! Board Books Level: Grades Pre-K-1 These photo-based books help young children make the connection between new concepts and their world. What Do You Hear? A Rectangle! Baby Fingers Level: Grades Pre-K-K Using sign language, babies everywhere are successfully communicating their needs and desires even before they can talk.

Leveled by age and ability in six-month increments, this series will expand the emerging motor and cognitive skills of children from birth to two years. Whirl the lenticular disc with its constantly changing image and fly with Santa to the North Pole!

Who Are You? Visit Renaissance Learning at www. Subject matter ranges from science and technology to nature, and history. Level: Grades Has someone stolen your golden goose? Are unusually tall plants growing in your garden? You need the Sisters Grimm, two intrepid new sleuths of fairy-tale crime. We can supply titles from most any publisher, regardless of our listings! Leveled for Grade 2 independent reading at three different levels with increasing word counts, allowing you to choose the right book for a young reader.

Written by an early-learning literacy expert, these charming tales are ideal for repeated reading aloud together as well as reading alone. Spy Files Reading Level: Grade 4 Interest Level: Grades Children will be enthralled by the exciting world of espionage and the adventures of famous real-life spies and their cunning covert operations.

The creators of the award-winning Judy Moody series have, by popular demand, put themselves in a very Stink-y mood.

His predicaments and triumphs have a childlike air, and the quick-witted dialogue will keep readers entertained. Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades This high-interest, high-energy series will encourage kids to put down those hand-held games and pick up a book instead! Crabtree Contact Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Dramatic imagery of both popular and unusual subjects makes each book appealing to both children and early teens.

Tadpoles Reading Level: Grades K-1 Interest Level: Grades Pre-K-2 Structured to develop confidence and encourage reading and rereading in early readers by repeating high frequency words and phrases.

The Clone WarsFall 08 Racers of the North, Fall 08 New Series with CD! Word-for-word narration helps develop vocabulary and encourages independent reading.

Reading Level: Grade 2 Interest Level: Grades Meet Mallory McDonald, a spunky, energetic young girl whose comical exploits and joke-telling will hit the mark with early chapter-book readers. Two NEW addtions to this series Join the black belt brothers, Marshall and Art, as they encounter bullies, learn about stranger safety, and deal with poor sports.

These early chapter books for children ages feature engaging characters, easy-to-follow plots and exciting stories. These beginning reader books will charm kids ages with their humor and their appealing characters. High-interest sports action novels full of fast-paced sports action in an accessible format perfect for male and female reluctant readers.

Orca Currents Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Middle-school fiction for reluctant readers that feature compelling, contemporary stories by best-selling, awardwinning authors. Orca Young Readers Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades Award-winning, best-selling chapter books for children ages featuring age-appropriate plots and storylines. Sports Stories Reading Level: Grade 4 Interest Level: Grades Short, high-interest novels full of fast-paced sports action that feature characters drawn from a wide range of cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds.

Streetlights Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Easy-to-read chapter books of fun, engaging fiction for younger readers ages Readers Level: Grades Pre-K-3 With the guidance of literacy educators and reading specialists, this series combines the elements for success in reading with entertaining stories children love.

Nine NEW additions to this series. Level: Grades These transitional titles extend reading skills and build confidence while entertaining readers with fun, fabulous tales. With six brief chapters. Ancient China Entertaining and educational early level retellings of classic King Arthur and Robin Hood adventures, along with Cherokee and Lakota legends.

What if you discovered you had magical fairy powers? Meet otherwise normal girls like you who are blessed by Mother Nature with special gifts.

These books use simple words and sentence patterns to help children who are just beginning to read Beware, for there are many who wish to expose the secrets of the Lost Scrolls.

Level 1 Reay-to-Read stories will help children build their reading skills. Duck can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

A solid choice The story makes a great readaloud, and fans of the series will be ecstatic to see another episode of mischief in the barnyard. When an animal is in danger, Diego swings into action! With the help from his friends and his cousin, Dora, Diego saves the day and makes new friends. Bullies, teasing, and hurt feelings are all hazards of the third grade. Sometimes, children just want to be someone else.

That is exactly what Katie Carew wished for, and exactly what she got! Miley Stewart leads a secret double life as a pop star while navigating the tangled web of school life with friends, Lilly and Oliver. Six NEW additions to this series. You Copycat! Join Troy and Gabriella as they reach for the stars and follow their dreams and everyone learns about acceptance, teamwork, and being yourself. These editons of beloved classic books are made even better with richly detailed illustrations by the renowned, Gyo Fujikawa.

Sweet art and likable characters go a long way in making this an enjoyable title. Level: Grades K-6 Developed to grow with the new reader, this series offers children entertaining stories and spectacular artwork, plus an innovative method for reinforcing vocabulary. Claudia Cristina Cortez Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades These honest, humorous, and hopeful stories, told by Claudia herself, give readers a glimpse into the life of a regular 21st-century girl.

David Mortimore Baxter Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades These wildly humourous stories, told by David himself, will show readers just how much trouble a boy and his mouth can get into. Teachers want historical fiction.

Graphic Flash makes everybody happy! Impact Books Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Sportsmanship and persistence are woven into riveting plotlines that follow determined young athletes as they overcome obstacles. Twenty NEW additions to this series. Hot topics and a low page count make these action-driven speed reads a must for any hi-low collection. Appealing, gripping plots, with accessible vocabulary.

The perfect introduction to the larger world of literature. With this series, readers get more than just goosebumps, they get thrills, intriguing plots, and threedimensional characters. Less-proficient readers will take a giant step towards confidence as they rush through these cliff-hanging chapter books.

Discusses why each monument was built, its historical significance, the architects involved, construction details, and monument features.

Discusses the basic branches of cartography, from surveying and mapmaking to satellite imaging and GPS and GIS technologies. Attractive starting points for assignments. Changing World Reading Level: Grade 6 Interest Level: Grades Each title in this series looks at a country that is in a state of political or economic change, and examines how and why it is changing.

Reading Level: Grade 4 Interest Level: Grades Each title features colorful photographs of the featured country and explores its culture, customs, traditions, religions, geography, and climate. Global Connections Level: Grades The teen-focused text, translations, statistics, and various maps make this series ideal for both report research and recreational reading. Welcome to the World Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades Full-color photo essays, original maps, a native-language word list, and fascinating details about each country.

Twelve NEW additions to this series. Easy to understand explanations of map legends, how map scales work, and how maps use symbols, color, and cardinal directions. Each book contains maps, photographs, the history and geography of the country, its people, regions, cities, and wildlife. Revised Titles! This Land Called America Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Clear text and colorful photographs illuminate the history, natural resources, people, and attractions that make each state unique.

Colorful, comprehensive portraits that feature state facts and symbols and describe the history, people, land, economy, and government of each state. Perfect for reports, each book uses a variety of features to familiarize readers with people and countries around the world.

Maps and Mapping Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Perfect for reports, each book uses a variety of features to familiarize readers with people and countries around the world. This engaging geography series for young readers features lavish photographs, inviting design, and informative, accessible text. Each book examines the history and origins of the modern conflict that grips these nations that happen to be too dangerous to visit.

Look and See With Me Level: Grades K-5 One of the photographs in each pair has been slightly altered, and young readers are given poetic clues to help spot the differences. Geography Zone: Landforms Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades K-5 Explores how the landform is created, the plants and animals that call the landform home, and what life is like for people living on each type of landform. State Readers Level: Grades Patterned after the popular McGuffey Readers, colorful illustrations accompany lively prose, poetry, games, and short stories to entertain as well as educate.

Jekyll and Mr. Using powers he acquired in a freak accident, Max explains science in ways never before seen in the classroom. Narrative and images nicely interplay Graphic Format Titles New Series! Free at Last! Graphic Myths and Legends Reading Level: Grade 4 Interest Level: Grades Action-packed and richly illustrated, this series brings to life some of the most enduring myths and legends from a variety of cultures. Eleven NEW additions to this series.

Every few pages, the reader selects from several options that determine where the storyline will go next. Every book has dozens of combinations to explore. Historical icons have been plucked from history books and depicted in informative nonfiction graphic novels. These stunning graphic adaptations with the original Shakespearean dialog will make great supplements to more traditional sources. Eight NEW additions to this series. Graphic History These nonfiction graphic novels bring historic events into vivid detail with high-quality illustrations and factual narration.

When Bruce Banner loses control, he becomes the unstoppable creature called the Hulk. Is He Both? See pages for ordering and processing information! Follow Tony Stark, a. Each graphic novel adaptation will offer never-beforeseen material that fans of the movie will clamor for.

Transformers: Spotlight Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades Each graphic novel focuses on a different Transformer so young readers can learn more about the look, background and trait of their favorite bot! Well-known villains and heroes take on new shape while staying true to their original authors.

Comic-book-style artwork with clever characters, playful plotlines, and playfully irreverent humor. Graphic Spin Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Fresh, bold illustrations give these timeless tales a modern edge and will attract even the most reluctant readers. Graphic Trax Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Graphic-style tales that combine the easy flow and appeal of comic books with more sophisticated plots and witty dialogue.

Ridge Riders Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades These easy graphic readers mix the best of extreme sports stories and graphic novels. Gives advice on recognizing symptoms of illness, tells what happens during doctor visits and shows children how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Topics of human health and wellness for children and teenagers—and the adults in their lives at school and at home. How Can I Deal with Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades For kids who have more to worry about than school, these books give young readers respectful advice for dealing with difficult situations.

Encourages children to explore their feelings, deal with problems that trouble them, and understand others who have problems of their own. Causes, symptoms, and treatment of various common ailments are presented so that kids know what to expect during illness. Young readers learn good habits, exercises, and routines and discover how they are responsible for their body and health.

Clear text and positive portrayals of caring for teeth make brushing, flossing, and even going to the dentist fun. Gives examples of healthy food eaten at different mealtimes and celebrations by others all around the world. Taking care and staying safe are very important lessons for children to learn. This series explores key health issues through engaging narratives. This series covers the fun, funky, and frankly frightening aspects of everything girls need to know.

Snap Books 8 vols. Each book follows a character in high school and the challenges he or she faces in making good health choices. This series teaches young readers the concepts and importance of living and playing safe, whether at home or at school. Packed with cool graphics, quizzes and loads of answers to common questions, girls 24+40 - River Goblin vs.

David Paliza - Split Face Hair Fish Vol.4 (File boys will find out what to expect as their mind and body changes. Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Examines the basic concepts of health issues through the lens of the latest scientific studies and findings.

Case studies portray relevant real-world situations, while fact and focus boxes present information in a format that is readily accessible to teens and pre-teens. Health Zone Reading Level: Grade 4 Interest Level: Grades Designed to look and read much like popular magazines aimed at preteens, this series features engaging fictional accounts that give the books a storylike appeal.

Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Focuses on getting kids excited about health and wellness by exploring the health aspects of eight popular sports. How to Be Healthy! Level: Grades K-2 Real-life situations offer great explanantions and thoughtful examples of safe and healthy behaviors for all young readers.

How to Be Safe! A new take on the popular Read-it! Readers Series. Engaging plots and fun characters will show kids how character education skills are important in everyday life. Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades The six books in this important new series address a great demand, fostering good citizenship and values in all students. Provides children with a chance to develop a positive outlook on maintaining a balanced diet by featuring tips about healthy snacks and meals.

Explores healthy lifestyle choices of all kinds by promoting healthy eating habits, proper safety, healthy relationships, and more. Delivers its message in a dramatic and effective wayby showing readers the harsh realities of the physical effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Six NEW additions in this series National Parks are part of the heritage of America, and this series examines the most compelling parks in the country. Dress, eat, write, and play just like the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Aztecs, and Vikings with this crafty history series. Useful as introductions, these overviews provide more information than other series. Amazing History Reading Level: Grade 4 Interest Level: Grades Readers will uncover the amazing history of actual mummies, real-life pirates, lost cities, and buried treasure in this new series.

Medieval Lives Reading Level: Grade 6 Interest Level: Grades Each book tells the story of a different class of people, from birth, through childhood, adulthood, and death. Pirates Reading Level: Grade 4 Interest Level: Grades Exploring the lives of infamous pirates, these exciting titles take an in-depth look at their swashbuckling adventures on the high seas. Readers will discover that many ancient inventions, including concrete, silk, and plaster casts for repairing broken bones are still used today.

Presents the basics of each event, including the forces engaged on each side, the weapons they used, and the aftermath of these epic clashes. Each book translates the work of a primary source into a language you can understand making important historical documents more meaningful. Day-by-day accounts describe how the conflicts unfolded, while pictures and illustrations show what it was like to be there.

The mission of this series, if you choose to read it, is to uncover modern tricks of the trade as well as the history of these elusive professionals. Enter the world of Ancient Egypt and explore the land of King Tut and Cleopatra with fun facts and amazing photos. Readers will explore multiple perspectives and learn for themselves the value of seeing history from many points of view. Weapons of War Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades From basic infantry weapons to large artillery, discover the tools of combat involved in some of the most important wars in history.

The language used throughout each book will be clear to readers as young as third grade, but even sixth graders will be taken in by the interactive format. Snapshots in History Level: Grades First-hand accounts and quotes as well as informative photos and timelines take readers into the action of historic events. Historical documents, timelines, maps, and illustrations bring these educational books to life.

Nine NEW addition to this series Each book includes a timeline and a survey of events around the world. Pen and parchment have helped cement the ideals and beliefs of America from its earliest days to modern times. Revised Series! They are names recognized around the world today, but just how did these companies grow into 24+40 - River Goblin vs. David Paliza - Split Face Hair Fish Vol.4 (File giants? Level: Grades Focuses on the drama of an event or era in American history from the time of early American Indian groups to the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Reading Level: Grade 1 Interest Level: Grades K-5 Spotlights architectural marvels of days gone by, explaining how the structures were built and introduces the people who used them.

These high-interest, exciting, action-packed stories of types of world disasters feature firsthand accounts of witnesses and survivors. These historically accurate, American-related, fictional stories are each set in a different historical setting and will appeal to readers in grades Level: Grades Chock-full of historically accurate information for reports, with in-depth coverage and a chapter format perfect for young history fans. Each title discusses one event within its historical context and how different cultures all have played a part in the history of the United Ststes.

What Would You Do? Level: Grades Focuses on turning points in American History and asks readers what they would do if faced with the same historical situations. History New Series! Medieval Warfare Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades Find out the answers to many questions concerning medieval warfare, plus learn about other aspects of life, politics, and commerce in the Middle Ages.

The Ultimate Ten: Natural Disasters Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades Designed for reluctant readers, each volume in this series focuses on ten superlative events related to natural disasters.

On My Own Folklore Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades K-3 These fast-paced retellings of classic folktales will draw in beginning readers, while the easy-reading format will help them master the text on their own. On My Own History Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades Striking, full-page illustrations, real and fictionalized characters, and stories featuring events that really happened. Through them, readers learn about the tedium, excitement, and danger of archaeological digs Then and Now Reading Level: Grade 1 Interest Level: Grades K-2 Historical and modern-day photographs interspersed throughout these books clearly illustrate how aspects of daily life change over time.

One NEW addtion to this series Explores the most famous Greek myths in a simple writing style for young readers. Brilliant illustrations bring the kingdom of the gods and goddesses to life. This series is jam-packed with all the important information a middle-grade reader will need to do research and short reports.

Written especially for young readers in the elementary grades, these books explain in clear terms the science and hardship of the histories of natural disasters. Places in Time Reading Level: Grade 6 Interest Level: Grades Each title provides a roadmap for students to help them identify and locate places that no longer exist on a present-day world map.

History New Titles! Profiles in Greek and Roman Mythology Reading Level: Grade 6 Interest Level: Grades Easy-to-read versions of the Greek and Roman stories taught in schools, along with detailed analysis of their origins, meanings, and importance to the modern reader. The photographs in all three books are excellent, depicting statues and paintings that tie into the myths.

Both real and fictional narrators serve as your tour guides on this fun and factual trip into American Symbols. Four NEW addtions to this series Covers various concepts pertaining to medieval castle life, including chivalry and feudalism through the use of interesting historical quotes and facts. Examines the everyday lives and roles of men, women and children in each historical period through minibiographies and case studies.

Teaches readers about U. African-American History Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Traces an era in American history from slavery to the civil rights movement and contemporary times, and showcases important events from these periods. Grammar comes to life in this colorfully illustrated series that uses entertaining sports narratives to teach language arts skills.

Follow the antics of a boy and his pet dragon as together, they learn about everyday experiences. Included are reading reinforcement activities for phoneme awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and text comprehension, and a word list. Word Fun Level: Grades Life as a word can be wild and a lot of work.

Discover how these lexicons live and how they help build sentences. Level: Grades K-2 Each book tells a different story based on activities or concepts familiar to small children, but with an imaginative twist. Sleeping Bear Alphabet Books Level: Grades K-5 Written in a two-tier format, these titles help young readers learn the alphabet while providing general facts on a wide range of subjects.

An informative and fun multipart series that introduces young readers to the concept of measurement and the terms and tools used in measuring. Teaches math skills using real world examples based on teaching kids about sports.

Teaches math skills using real world examples based on teaching kids about health and fitness. The eight titles in this series cover everything math, from fractions to graphing, in an easy-to-follow style, complete with explanatory diagrams and drawings.

Teaches math skills using real world examples based on teaching kids about personal finance. Teachs children about biomes and counting using large, readable type and colorful photographs. Remedial math books that clearly and simply provide step-by-step guides to the basics of fractions, decimels, percents, ratios, and more. Getting Started with Math Reading Level: Grades K-1 Interest Level: Grades Pre-K-2 Focuses on key areas of the kindergarten math curriculum—number recognition, lengths, greater than and less than, and adding and subtracting.

Sixteen NEW additions to this series Reading Level: Grades K-1 Interest Level: Grades Pre-K-2 Minimal text combines with bold, eye-catching art to present colors, shapes, numbers, and opposites in a simple yet captivating way. From the author and illustrator duo of the best-selling Words Are Categorical series, Math Is Categorical introduces basic math concepts for young readers.

Level: Grades Primary math concepts are introduced using creative examples, easy-to-understand text and engaging art illustrations. The lighthearted illustrations and story lines show students how fascinating the world of numbers and math concepts can be. Count the Critters Reading Level: Grade 1 Interest Level: Grades Pre-K-3 Young readers learn to count forward, backward, by 2s and 3s, and even discover odds and evens in this adorable series. Enjoy a new take on the popular Read-it!

Engaging plots and fun characters will show kids how math skills are important in everyday life. Designed to encourage the cultivation of problem-solving skills I recommend this series highly Rhyming verse makes learning about the concept of time a pleasure and colorful photographs help to reinforce the subject matter.

The text is designed to allow students, kindergarten through third grade, to enjoy the math focal point they need to learn. Concepts Reading Level: Grade 2 Interest Level: Grades K-2 Concept books for growing minds that use text repetition and simple sentence structure to keep the pages turning. Introduces young readers to various animal habitats with basic information and an additional factoid about each animal. This engaging and informative series highlights the birth through young adulthood of North American baby animals.

Each book provides vital statistics, growth milestones, adult involvement, eating and living habits, and environmental danger about each mammal. Easy-to-read text explores how bug bodies work, what bugs eat, where they live, and how they defend themselves against enemies. Call us or e-mail us for copies of our latest catalogs! Dogs Reading Level: Grade 4 Interest Level: Grades K-6 Discover the many breeds of dogs in this exciting series, learn how to identify each one, and find out which is the right pet for you.

Designed for students writing their first reports, these titles will also appeal to a general audience of curious readers. Underwater World Reading Level: Grade 2 Interest Level: Grades K-4 These books are sure to spark the interest of the young reader by introducing the fascinating and incredible underwater world.

Each book focuses on a specific feature and highlights animals that have that feature. Readers will learn how dogs are trained for various jobs, and discover how dogs and people working together can accomplish seemingly impossible goals. Get ready for an exciting ride. In Horse Power, young children learn how these proud animals provide a valuable resource for people. Positive stories of heroic canines and their partners help relay the messages on how important their roles are in helping humans.

No Backbone! Reading Level: Grade 2 Interest Level: Grades K-3 Children dive into a weird and watery world where they meet prickly sea stars, gooey jellyfish, squirting squids, and slimy sea slugs. Level: Grades K-3 Looks into the various types of dogs, examines their distinct characteristics, and discusses the original purpose of each breed.

In these informative narrative books, children will discover that many human characteristics of intelligence also are found in animals. Extreme Weather Level: Grades K-3 Follow the path of several different extreme weather events from cause to effect in this series filled with factual text and fascinating photos.

Kids will follow real-life scientists to the far corners of the globe as they discover the secrets of these mysterious and often misunderstood creatures.

Carefully developed by literacy experts and combines standards-based content with developmentally appropriate text. Eight NEW additions to this series The simple text is supported by adorable photos to encourage early reading. Each book focuses on a different animal and surveys the jobs particular breeds do, the natural skills they have, and how they are trained.

Presents simple scientific explanations of how and why these events occur and gives case studies of actual events in history. Full of essential information including useful tips and key facts to show readers how to provide the very best pet care. Gives kids a visually rich, yet simply explained, journey through the life cycles of common animals and plants.

Help kids learn to explore the seasons of the world around them with this lively series full of color photographs and simple text. Beginning with an overview of an ocean habitat, each title provides an in-depth look at the array of weird and wonderful creatures living there. Descriptions of the animals, their physical characteristics, their habitats, and life cycles. Wonders of the Sea Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades Readers will enjoy looking at the habitats, plants, and animals of each environment, seeing how all are connected through food chains.

Find out amazing facts about what these animals eat for dinner, how they communicate, how they attract mates, and how they raise their young. Fun facts and plenty of photos give each dog its day. Animal Opposites Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Pre-K-2 Compare all kinds of animals with striking photographs and fun facts that highlight key animal traits and bring opposite concepts to life.

Extreme Life Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades These fascinating introductions to adaptation, food chains, and survival present incredible facts in a high-interest format. Cats Reading Level: Grades K-1 Interest Level: Grades Pre-K-2 Readers will learn about the unique traits and basic care of different kinds of cats through fun photographs and interesting facts. CATS Pebble 12 vols. Dogs Reading Level: Grades K-1 Interest Level: Grades Pre-K-2 Readers will learn about the unique traits and basic care of different kinds of dogs through fun photographs and interesting facts.

Positively Pets Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Help young readers understand the ins and outs of being a pet owner, and the joy that comes from caring for a pet companion. The clear color photographs display the animals in all their glory. Get closer to these fierce predators than you ever thought possible with big, colorful photos. Provides a global look at animals that have spread beyond their native habitats and have taken over new territory. Plants Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades Using hands on activities, young readers will be introduced to wonderful world of plants and the common elements shared by all.

Takes young readers into the fascinating world of dogs for a close look at some of the most popular breeds. Introduces basic curriculum concepts such as animal classification, habitats, senses, diet, family structures, the role of play, and life cycles, 24+40 - River Goblin vs. David Paliza - Split Face Hair Fish Vol.4 (File.

Manufactured using recycled paper and board. Level: Grades A series of reluctant reader books, each featuring one type of animal defense and four animals that use that defense to survive. A fundamental look at four scientific phenomena, offering accessible explanations through basic language, vibrant photos, and easy-to-do activities. Animal Secrets Revealed! Level: Grades Accessible for reluctant readers, this high-interest series details the strange and fascinating secrets of different types of wild and exotic animals.

Discover Animals Level: Grades High-interest books containing fascinating information on some of the most interesting and dangerous animals.

Discusses things to consider when choosing a pet for children, as well as general care of the pet, including diet, health, handling, and grooming. Zoom In On Animals! Level: Grades Readers will learn about animals at risk of extinction and find out simple but vital ways in which each of us can help save these animals. Amazing Animals Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Filled with valuable information and stunning photographs, these books are the perfect choice to learn more about a favorite animal.

Amazing Life Cycles Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Through clear, accessible text and lively, colorful photos, this series creates a vivid portrait of an incredible array of plant and animal life in the wild. Extensive time lines of deadly tornadoes, a glossary, and source notes conclude this welcome addition to the science shelves. Where Animals Live Reading Level: Grades Interest Level: Grades Leveled readers that describe how the types of homes that different animals build reflect adaptations to their environments.

Each title meets the life science standards for lower middle graders and develops vocabulary and language skills. Insect World Reading Level: Grade 4 Interest Level: Grades Turns the spotlight on eight fascinating insects, each representative of an order within the class Insecta as well as a key behavior or trait. If you are looking for animal books to add to the collection for upper elementary students, this series is a good choice.

These easy-to-read illustrated books teach children how to be kind, responsible pet owners and discover which pet is right for them. Gardening for Kids Reading Level: Grade 4 Interest Level: Grades Young readers will love these books with ideas and instructions for making water gardens, vegetable gardens, perennial gardens, and butterfly gardens.

Nature Watch Reading Level: Grade 5 Interest Level: Grades Researchers and pleasure-readers alike will be drawn to the wealth of information and entrancing nature photography in this well-respected series. Leavitt is careful to include the negatives as well as the positives of owning these animals. In all, good selections for beefing up the ever-popular pet section. Short chapters, large font, and pronunciation guides to key words engage children doing research, but the depth of information is not compromised.

Get a Pet Level: Grades Takes the reader through the selection of a new pet and highlights the care required in the first hours of ownership. In these beautiful fact-filled books, ocean animals tell the stories of their lives and what it is like to live in the deep, dark sea. Reading Level: Grade 3 Interest Level: Grades K-4 Brings environmental awareness to beginning readers with topics that include frogs, polar bears, the monarch butterfly, Ancient Egyptian treasures and the snows of Kilimanjaro.

Seven NEW addtions to this series This series is clearly a winner Asks kids to guess which animal belongs to the feature they see in a close-up photo as a fun and simple introduction to animal adaptations.

Have you ever wondered what a dinosaur or a shark might tell you if you could ask them a question? This appealing new series allows you to do so. Follows the life cycle of each of these amazing animals, explores their habitats, and asks how we can help protect them.

ASK 4 vols. These simple yet informative books introduce young readers to a whole menagerie of fascinating and adorable animals. Six NEW addtions to this series Young children intrigued by horses may find this a helpful source of pictures and simple, straightforward reading material.

A unique, high-interest approach to teaching life science that focuses on the special adaptations of animals that help them survive in their habitat.

Showcases six extreme animal attributes, and presents these qualities using eye-popping photos that highlight outstanding examples of extreme animals. Simple text and elegant, realistic illustrations describe the wonders, both big and small, that can be found in the backyard. Each book describes the science behind each disaster along with harrowing descriptions of some of the worst disasters in history.

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Along with striking images, each book features clear text written by experts and fascinating facts about big machines and their uses. Experiments that kids can do independently using everyday materials give readers a chance to learn by doing, and each step is clearly illustrated. Explore the fascinating forces that govern the natural world with hands-on learning through exciting experiments that show scientific wonders at work. Y como portada del disco voy a poner el Hindenburg en llamas, ya sabes, todo este negocio Lo primero que hicieron fue ensayar un blues normal de 12 compases.

Su primer disco fue publicado el 12 de enero debajo el nombre de Led Zeppelin. Fue grabado en apenas una semana grabado, mezclado y editado en los estudios Olympic de Londres en octubre deempleando apenas 30 horas de estudio y sin casi horas de ensayo. El 5 de octubre de se publica su tercer disco. El solo de guitarra de Stairway To Heaven fue elegido por los lectores de la revista Guitar World Magazine como "el mejor solo de todos los tiempos".

Su siguiente disco, Houses of the Holy, publicado el 28 de marzo desupuso una nueva idea en el grupo, mezclando diversos estilos musicales, blues, rock, folk, e incluso matices reggae. A partir de ese momento, la banda hizo todas sus grabaciones bajo este sello.

A pesar de ello, una audiencia de cerca de Kennedy de Filadelfia. Mark Street, en Nueva York. Otra pista obtenida de posible mensaje subliminal remonta al nombre de la banda, dado que si lo modificamos un poco podemos obtener Eddo 24+40 - River Goblin vs. David Paliza - Split Face Hair Fish Vol.4 (File.

Eddo Zeppelion es un ritual practicado por Aleister Crowley y muy popular en la magia negra. Led Zeppelin y el plagio Numerosas acusaciones de plagio han surgido a lo largo de la carrera de la banda.

A pesar de esto, Holmes nunca interpuso ninguna demanda judicial a la banda por ello. Tal ha sido la influencia de la banda en la historia del rock que han sido diversas las formaciones creadas en tributo a Led Zeppelin, entre las que hay que destacar Dread Zeppelin, Get the Led Out o Lez Zeppelin, integrada enteramente por mujeres. John Paul Jones, bajo, teclados y mandolina. El martillo de los dioses. Ma-Non Troppo.

Referencias [1] Stephen Thomas Erlewine. Consultado el 20 de julio de Consultado el 10 de octubre de Consultado el 8 de diciembre de Consultado el 11 de octubre de Consultado el 12 de noviembre de Consultado el 27 de diciembre de Consultado el 9 de octubre de Hammer of the Gods.

Consultado el 7 de diciembre de Consultado el 1 de junio de Consultado el 11 de diciembre de Consultado el 5 de marzo de Consultado el 1 de marzo de Consultado el 12 de octubre de Consultado el 23 de octubre de Lollapalooza's Recycled Hormones: Rebellion by the Numbers. Consultado el 25 de octubre de Consultado el 27 de octubre de Consultado el 1 de noviembre de Consultado el 24 de noviembre de Tiene una poderosa voz y amplio registro vocal.

Robert Plant obtener un contrato seguro, hicieron que la banda se separara a mediados de A comienzos dePlant graba su segundo disco como solista, The Principle of Moments. El nombre de Honeydrippers se mantuvo. Este disco presenta diversas influencias, ritmos, y un gran rango de artistas invitados.

El 25 de Abril depublica un nuevo disco. Este disco fue nuevamente nominado a dos premios Grammys. Jimmy Page A The Firm le siguieron varios otros proyectos.

Page posee otro hijo, llamado James. El guitarrista nunca ha declarado nada al respecto del significado del signo. Esta es su guitarra primaria y tiene varias modificaciones como el cuello es mucho mas delgado y las pastillas son "Burstbuckers" una de ellas sin la mica que es la pastilla de atras. Esta guitarra fue un regalo del guitarrista de The Eagles, Joe Walsh. Con la afinacion de D. Un regalo de Jeff Beck, esta guitarra fue repintada con un dragon psicodelico.

Ernie Ball. Usado para el famoso solo de "Dazed and Confused". Whatever Happened to Jugula? Consultado el 20 de diciembre de Guitar World.

Consultado el 15 de febrero de Consultado el 29 de diciembre de Durante la primera gira de Led Zeppelin en EE. Todo esto, combinado con su ataque escarpado, hizo a Bonham inmediatamente reconocible para el auditor.

John Paul Jones tocando la mandolina en un concierto el 1 de mayo de Es considerado como uno de los mas influyentes bajistas de rock de la historia, destaca tambien su gran habilidad como pianista y tecladista.

BPR Referencias [1] Allmusic ed. Consultado el 4 de diciembre de Consultado el 24 de abril de Consultado el 22 de mayo de Gail Zappa coordina los negocios familiares bajo el nombre de Zappa Family Trust. Frank Zappa emocionante. Frank Zappa "King Kong" se edita a partir de varias grabaciones distintas de estudio y en directo. Esta continuidad conceptual se encuentra a lo largo de su extensa obra en muchos momentos.

Incluye, por primera vez en grabaciones de estudio, a un Zappa tocando solos de guitarra. La banda sonora se centraba en la. Enpuso una querella al Royal [] Albert Hall por el incumplimiento del contrato. Este tema era representativo de la teatralidad de la banda, que utilizaba canciones para crear gags basados en escenas de Motels o nuevas situaciones, frecuentemente dedicados a los encuentros amorosos de la banda en la carretera.

Accidentes y secuelas En diciembre dehubo dos serios reveses en su carrera. Zappa in New York, de Kenyon, "The Illinois Enema Bandit".

Frank Zappa banda de Zappa a finales de Frank Zappa problemas para financiar este tipo de eventos. En este contexto, las demandas del PMRC son el equivalente a tratar la caspa decapitando Si hay un infierno, sus llamas les esperan a ellos, no a nosotros. Intervino como actor o aportando su voz en episodios de Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale. 24+40 - River Goblin vs.

David Paliza - Split Face Hair Fish Vol.4 (File seguidores criticaron ciertos aspectos de estas reediciones por ser poco fieles a las grabaciones originales. En Zappa fue elegido para ser uno de los cuatro compositores en el Festival de Frankfurt de los otros fueron John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen MP3) Alexander Knaifel.

Frank Zappa moderna". Hace un trabajo precioso Y esa no es una palabra que use muy a menudo En el caso de Frank no es exagerado Es extremamente culto musicalmente. Plas Jr. Toronto: ECW Press. Frank Zappa Domani en italiano.

San Francisco: Miller Freeman, p. ISSN Grove Press. Frank Zappa. Bison Books. Martin's Griffin. Barfko Swill. Comentario []. Frank Zappa en el infierno. Biblioteca Nueva. Wikimedia Commons alberga contenido multimedia sobre Frank Zappa. Todo sobre Zappa [] El tercer poder []. Zappa y Occhiogroso mayo de Fireside, p.

Rolling Stone. Consultado el 25 de febrero de Fireside, pp. Grove Press, pp. Grove Press, p. Consultado el 31 de marzo de Martin's Griffin, p. Stereo Review. Da Capo Press, p. Frank Zappa [25] Miles, Barry septiembre de Martin's Press, pp. The Daily Report ed. High Times Marzo de Da Capo Press, pp. Frank Zappa [59] Kurt Loden Rolling Stone ed. Village Voice Media. LA Weekly. Necessity Is. Miles, Barry septiembre de Consultado el 27 de febrero de Information is Not Knowledge.

Frank Zappa [89] Miles, Barry septiembre de Frank Zappa [] Miles, Barry septiembre de Relix Magazine. Big Picture Big Sound. Frank Zappa [] Steve Huey. Guitar Player Magazine. The British Theatre. Gobierno de los Estados Unidos Consultado el 3 de marzo de Consultado el 10 de abril de Ver Miles, Barry septiembre de Cambridge University Press, pp.

Omnibus Press, pp. Guitar Player Presents. San Francisco: Miller Freeman, pp. Guitar Player Presenta. Down Beat Magazine. The Library of Congress 24 de mayo de Consultado el 11 de abril de Rolling Stone No. Las Vegas Review-Journal ed. Guitar Player ed. Consultado el 11 de abril SEPM, pp. Records of the Australian Museum. ISBN X. Zoologica Scripta, pp. American Society for Microbiology, pp.

Paleontological Society, pp. American Association for the Advancement of Science, pp. The Associated Press mayo de The Washington Post julio de Pero se la relaciona con el rock and roll y especialmente el jazz rock. Para este segundo disco ingresan a la banda un segundo baterista: Billy Mundi y el tecladista Don Preston. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". Pink Floyd nueva banda llamada Tea Set. Cada uno de estos temas fue compuesto por uno de los miembros de la banda y ocupa la mitad de una cara de cada disco unos 10 minutos cada uno.

No existen grabaciones definitivas de este proyecto, aunque algunos de los efectos obtenidos fueron. Pink Floyd empleados en posteriores trabajos. Ninguno de ellos fue capaz de reconocerlo, hasta que de repente uno de ellos se dio cuenta de que era Syd Barrett.

Es decir, hasta las cejas, todo Iba de arriba a abajo, haciendo ruido con los dientes, era horroroso. Fue muy chocante Pero fue muy, muy, muy potente. Fue el primer Animals, con un cerdo inflable entre dos chimeneas. Aunque nunca hubo ninguna gira promocional de este disco,[64] Waters ha interpretado desde entonces algunas canciones en sus conciertos en solitario.

Finalmente, la demanda fue llevada a los juzgados, y los derechos fueron adquiridos por Gilmour y Mason. En las semanas posteriores al concierto, sin embargo, las discusiones entre los miembros parecieron haberse acabado del todo. Este disco fue un regreso a los tiempos anteriores a The Dark Side of the Moon, pues se pueden apreciar largas notas en el teclado y los efectos de eco que posee el sonido de la guitarra.

Dentro de Pink Floyd, La odisea de Pink Floyd, The rough guide to Pink Floyd, Referencias [1] Unterberger, Richie. Consultado el 9 de abril de Consultado el 20 de abril de RIAA 14 de abril de Consultado el 14 de abril de Pink Floyd [18] Schaffner, p. Google books. Consultado el 5 de mayo de Consultado el 18 de julio de Consultado el 13 de abril de Pink Floyd [60] Mason, p.

RIAA 20 de abril de BBC News. Rolling Stone 24 de septiembre de Consultado el 15 de septiembre de Consultado el 19 de abril de El debut en vivo del grupo se produjo en el Roundhouse, el 15 de octubre de Carente de mayores arreglos, Gilmour tuvo la idea de publicar los temas en bruto.

Los problemas de Barret con las drogas y su cada vez mayor inestabilidad le provocan la salida del grupo, siendo sustituido por David Gilmour. Dentro de la banda durante estos primeros trabajos destacan la figura tanto de Waters como de Wright y Gilmour como compositores.

La portada Que muestra a una mujer desnuda con una mochila roja haciendo autoestop fue censurada por muchos como sexista. Waters pretende retirase de los escenarios tras la gira, si bien ha dicho que es posible un nuevo disco solista. En Wright vuelve a trabajar junto a Moore en su segundo disco solista, Broken China, catalogado por muchos fans de Pink Floyd como el mejor disco solista de los miembros de la banda. Incluso David Gilmour fue invitado a participar en las guitarras del tema "Breakthrough", pero el resultado de sus grabaciones no fue utilizado.

En julio delpor primera vez desde los conciertos de The Wall, Wright, Gilmour, Mason y Waters se unieron de nuevo como Pink Floyd para tocar cuatro canciones en el concierto masivo Live 8 en Londres. Vida personal Su primer matrimonio fue con Juliette Gale, en Tuvieron dos hijos y se divorciaron en Consultado el 24 de marzo de Genesis interpretando "Land of Confusion" en Knebworth, Inglaterra Tocaban en recitales escolares y fueron ganando experiencia musical. En deciden juntarse, creando "The New Anon".

Las composiciones tienen la complejidad de las de otras bandas de rock progresivo. No obstante, debe tenerse en cuenta que se trata de una obra bisagra para el Rock mundial, tan solo comparable con otras tales como Sgt. La partida del guitarrista de los solos extraordinarios produce un nuevo cambio en el sonido de la banda.

La gira en EE. Tras finalizar la gira europea, los dos miembros originales despiden a Wilson y deciden retirarse temporalmente.

Peter Gabriel - voz, flauta. Mike Rutherford - bajo, guitarra. Anthony Phillips - guitarra, voces. Tony Banks - teclados, guitarra de 12 cuerdas, voces. Mike Rutherford - bajo, guitarras, voces. Tony Banks - teclados, voces. Steve Hackett - guitarras. Mike Rutherford - bajo, guitarra, voces. Mike Rutherford - guitarra, bajo, voces. Peter Brian Gabriel, n.

En la actualidad colabora con el movimiento que pretende el reconocimiento de los derechos a los simios. En septiembre de Tony ingresa a la escuela secundaria de Chartehouse. Banks saca a la venta "Still" mejorando en calidad y comercialidad todo lo antes conseguido por el teclista. And Then There Were Three Calling All Stations Tiene un particular instrumento de dos brazos; el primer brazo es una guitarra de doce cuerdas y el otro brazo es un bajo.

Cuando tocaba la guitarra de doce cuerdas, los bajos eran hechos con un Moog Taurus, una octava de Do a Do en pedales. Word of mouth abril de Beggar on a beach of gold 6 de marzo de Hits 4 de marzo de M6 31 de mayo de Rewired 7 de junio de Incluso fue el que les puso el nombre definitivo a la banda.

En este lugar ha escrito su best seller "Entre limones". Entre limones: historia de un optimista Editorial Almuzara. El loro en el limonero Referencias [1] Elecciones 27M elmundo. Se le conoce por su trabajo con guitarras de doce cuerdas, y su influencia puede apreciarse en los primeros trabajos de Genesis.

Anthony Phillips en Anthony Phillips sigue involucrado en algunos proyectos musicales, incluyendo una variedad de bandas sonoras en Inglaterra. Philip David Charles Collins n. Collins ha liderado el Billboard Top americano como vocalista en ocho ocasiones entre ysiete como solista y uno con Genesis.

Sus canciones a menudo tratan de amores perdidos y temas personales. Collins fue enviado como pago al trabajo de Eno en la banda. En Brand X supo plasmar sus mejores virtudes como eximio baterista, editando nueve discos tres de ellos en vivo desde hasta No Jacket Required 12"Ers But Seriously Serious Hits Live!

Old and New. Aunque se dice que es posible que si llega una buena oferta, lo reintentaria, pero mientras tanto, solo quiere descansar. Pgs 29— Entertainment Wire, 28 March Retrieved on 23 March Consultado el 24 de julio de Posteriormente, ha seguido una carrera en solitario.

En la foto, el Sebastian Bach y el tenor Mario Lanza. Su escasa experiencia le ocasiona algunas dificultades en los primeros meses, pero pronto encuentra su lugar dentro del grupo, contrarrestando con su estatismo en escena el movimiento impredecible de Gabriel. Con el siguiente disco, Selling England by the PoundGenesis alcanza la cima de su carrera. En solitario Aunque ya en graba Voyage of the acolyte, su primer disco en solitario, Hackett no abandona Genesis hasta En Internet pueden hallarse algunas maquetas destinadas a un segundo disco, fallido.

Aunque Steve Hackett ha gozado de reconocimiento a lo largo de su carrera como solista, sus fans siempre han recordado con especial afecto su etapa con Genesis. Bruford reside en Surrey Hills Reino Unido. Nights, y el incremento de integrantes de Earthworks con la presencia del guitarrista de jazz Larry Coryell. Bill Bruford ha anunciado su retirada de los escenarios, retirada efectiva desde el 1 de enero de Participaciones en distintas bandas Bruford es desde que se dio a conocer una figura prominente del art rock.

Chester aparece en el Serious Hits Nir Zidkyahu Nir Zidkyahu nacido en noviembre deen Rishon Lezion, Israel es un destacado baterista de estudio, y hermano del baterista de Blackfield's, llamado Tomer Z.

James Newell Osterberg, Jr. Al igual que James Newell Osterberg, es un cantante estadounidense de punk rock. Es considerado uno de los mayores innovadores en el punk rock y estilos relacionados. Muchos otros han imitado las travesuras de Iggy. Joy Division fue una banda de post-punk inglesa, formada en en Salford, Greater Manchester.

Sin embargo, los restantes miembros de la banda y la gente que conocieron lo han negado siempre. Fue contratado en primera instancia puesto que Curtis recordaba haber asistido al mismo colegio que Morris. Incluso fueron perseguidos por acusaciones de neonazismo, acusaciones que negaron vigorosamente. Las sesiones grabadas en diciembre de comenzaron a sonar de manera considerablemente distinta al sonido producido en The Warsaw Demo.

Cuando Hooky tocaba a un volumen bajo, no se escuchaba. Para mi Joy Division era acerca de la muerte de mi comunidad y de mi infancia. En noviembre de la Warner Bros. Joy Division para distribuir su disco en Estados Unidos y hacer algunos videos. Nunca respondieron. El 31 de agosto de reunieron a personas en el Electric Ballroom, Londres. La mayor audiencia que tuvo la banda.

Los violentos movimientos del cantante durante Transmission y She's lost Control impresionaron a la audiencia. De esta gira es famoso el concierto en el club Paradiso de Amsterdam. Sus ataques continuaban, incluso en escena. Curtis vio todo entre bastidores y no pudo dejar de sentirse responsable. Como Warsaw, la banda practicaba una "forma inclasificable de hard rock con toques punk". Legado A pesar de su corta carrera y su estatus de "grupo de culto", Joy Division han ejercido una influencia de largo alcance.

Pasaron del punk al post-punk y, ya en "Closer" a un proto-tecno que podemos reconocer luego en bandas como Depeche Mode, Human League, y otras. Unknown Pleasures, Closer, Warsaw, The Factory, Manchester 13 Julyen vivo. An Ideal for Living, Transmission, Licht und Blindheit, Komakino, Love Will Tear Us Apart, The First Peel Session, The Second Peel Session, Atmosphere, Estos temas llevaron a los fans, e incluso a su propia esposa, Deborah, a creer que estaba cantando sobre su propia vida.

Sus influencias principales fueron los escritores William Burroughs y J. Bandas como Interpol, Elefant o Editors son unas de las muchas influenciadas por el trabajo de Curtis. Su sonido es parte fundamental del sonido de New Order. El grupo ha pasado por diversas formaciones y estilos.

En un principio tuvieron problemas para encontrar locales donde tocar, por lo que cambiaron de nombre frecuentemente, con el fin de seguir tocando en los clubes de Londres. Pepper's, de los Beatles. Destaca especialmente el solo de flauta que Anderson realiza en dicha obra. Aunque fue editado en esa fecha, los temas son todos anteriores a El premio fue particularmente controvertido, ya que muchos no consideran a Jethro Tull como una banda de hard rock, y mucho menos de heavy metal.

Tal vez como consecuencia de esto, desde entonces se entregaron Grammys para bandas de heavy metal y hard rock por separado. Catfish Rising Catfish Rising recoge influencias del blues y del folk estadounidense de ascendencia irlandesa.

Living with the Past DVD Igualmente, el grupo tiene muchos covers o imitadores, entre los que destacan Cold Flame[96] de especial calidad y las bandas War Child y Aqualung. The Records", dentro de Collecting Tull []. Consultado el 7 de noviembre de Consultado el 30 de diciembre de Consultado el 7 de febrero de Consultado el 2 de enero de Paula Serraler, Jethro Tull.

Ian Anderson This Was. Consultado el 3 de enero de En ellos ha combinado rock y sonidos orientales. Se los puede clasificar como dentro del rock progresivo experimental, con influencias del punk, el jazz y los ritmos latinos.


Skibereen - Dublin Folk Band - Best Of Irish Folk (CD), The Love Thugs - Playground Instructors (CD, Album), Мы Хотим Танцевать · We Want Dancing, Vidala Navideña - Los Yungas (2) - El Charango (Vinyl, LP, Album), A Pirate Song - Unknown Artist - Doggie In The Window And Other Musical Happy Songs (Vinyl, LP), Fat Boys Dance - Fat Boys - Crushin (Cassette, Album), Little Bitch - The Specials - The Specials (Vinyl, LP, Album), Walls


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