Between Reflections - Das Reut - Arte De Ben Morire (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Between Reflections - Das Reut - Arte De Ben Morire (CD)
Label: Divine Comedy Records - DC 037 • Format: CD Limited Edition • Country: France • Genre: Electronic • Style: Industrial

And we are afraid that our notions of russian culture is very different to the common views of western people anyway How do you compose your music? How do you choose the different themes, atmospheres, titles? We know each other for a very long Between Reflections - Das Reut - Arte De Ben Morire (CD) and we have learned to trust each other. Usually someone brings an idea, a sample, a sound element, a word, a remembrance, and then all together try to think over, transform, to find right tune, Between Reflections - Das Reut - Arte De Ben Morire (CD), with a maximum power.

Sometimes disagreements happen, but it always ends with a right result. Comparing with society - we have a totalitarism with a permanent change of the tyrants, there is always someone that sees the final result better than others, in every composition, and the others help him to achieve it. That is why there is always different sequence of band members on every release.

Was it your own label? Yes, it's Reutoff's own label, it was started many years before first Reutoff record has been released in House of Mirkmoon first releases were early projects of today band Between Reflections - Das Reut - Arte De Ben Morire (CD), the names were different and the music was not industrial.

Some of the projects were of rock origin, others were close to darkwave or gothic. There were not artwork most of the time, just a kind of documents of extensive night sessions made by participants for themselves.

Is it your choice to have your personal structure or the consequence of a lack of interest coming from established labels in regard to your music? Ewers Tonkunst is not band's own label. It is a label of our close friend which was started in to release good dark ambient stuff, a part of Indiestate Distribution. Since the band has close connections to him, it is natural to be released on that label.

There is a big interest to Reutoff today and we have many offers, we are open to deal with other labels, some of them are well-established like Hau Ruck! Indiestate is professional enough to distribute our production perfectly, they are our old friends which have always supported us and we understand each other very well.

Ewers for your label can be seen as Between Reflections - Das Reut - Arte De Ben Morire (CD) than a tribute to this German writer. Where resides your interest for this figure? His occult connections? His interest in pain, madness and perversity? Hanns Heinz Ewers is the most favourite writer of label's owner, the works of that writer deeply impress him, he feels them as something that is very close to him personally. Maybe there is a kind of "existential mysticism" in some of the Ewers stories that haunts and make the soul grieve and tremble The band members are not that big fans of HHE to be honest.

Yes, but there is no definite plans for now. Could you tell us more about this release? That was the first and only one full-length release of our side project Das Reut. It contains 7 tracks, some of them we still play live on Das Reut gigs. As to the release details - it was a tape limited to 21 copies handpainted by the band members. We've made a kind of night presentation party in one of Reutov's sacral places and gave all the tapes to the friends. Could you tell us more about this project? The ReuTRauM series consists of 7 different 7"es on various labels.

The different numbers of ReuTRauM symbolizes different places of the town which makes you feel different states of soul. The band wanted to create a kind of a sonic guide for a space-soul continuum of their town. When the listener will move from 1 to 7, he will walk the path as a kind of initiation to Reutov spirit by means of visiting and communicating with genius loci of each of the separate 7 places. When all 7 releases will be finished, the band plans to issue a kind of a map of our town with this places marked on it, so each person who would like to feel this experience not only in the imagination, will be able to pass through this travel in the real world.

That expresses the band approach to the music made for that series: "Der Raum von Reut" - the space, the woods, the lakes and the airs of Reutov make a kind of illusive state of surreal sorrowful visions, a hallucinatory unsettling day-dreaming - "Traum von Reue". Yes, each part of the series will be released on a different label and seems like that in a different country also so it goes, it was not conceived initially, but it turns out like that.

During there are arrangements with Kaos Kontrol Finland and Blade Italy and there are negotiations with some greek and french labels which I don't want to uncover for now becausee the arrangement was not confirmed as yet. Watch the news from Reutoff It depends on the demands, but we don't think that it will be just after the seventh release will be out.

Maybe in a few years after the project will be finished, when most of the 7 inches will become hard-to-find collector items, there will be a kind of 2CD reissue for those who was not able to get the original vinyls, but it's too early to talk about it now.

Do you intend to carry on releasing your works on Albin Julius label or would you prefer to keep a certain independence? We will release full-length CD on Hau Ruck!

It is not possible to talk about any lack of independence when you work with Albin or other labels in the scene in general, that's not the point. It is interesting for us to release minor releases on various labels in different countries but we think that russian bands and russian labels must support each other to develop the whole russian industrial scene, because Russia with all its chaos, mystical profundity and numerous contradictions is an ideal home for industrial culture and industrial state of mind.

Is it a deliberate choice to draw the listener's attention only on your music? No, that's not the concept, the nearest Hau Ruck 10" and CD will be full-colour printed as well as recent 7".

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  1. Arte de ben Morire DAS REUT Mini CD Jewel Box (DC ) - DIVINE COMEDY. 1 Between Reflections 2 La Folie 3 Evocatio 4 Arte De Ben Morire Nice Price!
  2. Listen to music from Das Reut like Black Celebration, Between Reflections & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Das Reut.
  3. Das Reut is a side project of Russian dark industrial’s leading combo, Reutoff. Here, we present its very first release–a 4 track MCD. Contains mid-tempo rhythmics flirting with dark-electronica (and even EBM), enhanced by some desperate and aggressive vocals. The artwork is composed of amazingly strange drawings in a cool packaging. Track Listing Between Reflections [ ].
  4. das Reut – Arte de Ben Morire jetzt kaufen. Bewertung ,. Pop.
  5. Das Reut › Arte de Ben Morire. • Divine comedy records DC • Lim • copies • 1 CD; cd • 4 titres • min. 1 Between reflections ; 2 La folie ; 3 Evocatio ; 4 Arte de ben morire ; enregistrement.
  6. Arte de Ben Morire: Reut,das: Musica. Passa al contenuto Ciao, Accedi. Account e liste Resi e ordini. Iscriviti a. Prime Carrello. CD e Vinili VAI Ricerca Ciao.
  7. "Raccolta da ser Lorenzo Violi dalla uiua uoce del padre mentre chepredicaua." Goff S Hain-Copinger (variations) BM 15th cent., VI, p. (IA) Rosenwald Bound with Ars moriendi. Arte del ben morire cioe i[n]gratia di Dio. [Florence, ]. Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress Web site.
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