Black Jack Mix 2 - Side B - Various - Black Jack Mix 2 (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Black Jack Mix 2 - Side B - Various - Black Jack Mix 2 (Cassette)
Label: Sakkaris Records - SR 50041 • Format: Cassette Compilation, Mixed • Country: Greece • Genre: Electronic • Style: House

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Gerra then tries to encourage Kuro to laugh too. When Kuro visits Gerra's house, he learns that Gerra's parents abandoned him because they couldn't pay their debt. Then goons from the mafia came to his house and stabs Gerra in the neck with a dart.

His injury was so severe that Gerra could never laugh again. Kuro promises to be a doctor so that he can cure him. When he comes to check on his friend during his college years, he finds him bedridden and still unable to laugh. Black Jack operates on him and it is successful, until he receives a call informing him that his former classmate has just died laughing.

The culture festival is here again for many high school. But wait, someone is wrecking them! Jaw a boy who think he is all that. But, Black Jack Mix 2 - Side B - Various - Black Jack Mix 2 (Cassette), He finds out he has a heart problem that will cause his death. He will not able to fight so he decide to protect people and the culture festival till he get better.

But will he have a change of heart for others too? The plane Black Jack and Pinoko are on crash lands during a blizzard, balancing precariously at the edge of a loose crevice. The passengers panic until a talented and famous violinist, Morozov calms them with his music. Rescue teams Black Jack Mix 2 - Side B - Various - Black Jack Mix 2 (Cassette) get to them in the snow, so the captain leads them all to a barn km away.

Because of the wind, passengers are prohibited from taking their luggage, including Black Jack. Morozov stubbornly refuses to leave his violin, tying it to him with his scarf. A passenger sneaks a flask with him, but drops it in the fierce winds. It knocks Pinoko in the head, and her small body is pulled by the storm towards the crevice.

Morozov dives to catch her, but his violin is blown away from the effort. Devastated, he tries to reclaim it but is deterred. Black Jack tells him not to go out, warning him of frostbite. Morozov sneaks out in the night anyway. Black Jack finds the violinist unconscious in the blizzard, and his fingers frostbitten.

Without his own instruments, Black Jack cannot restore the fingers and must amputate them back at the barn. Morozov comments they both now know not to let go of their most precious possessions. Pinoko notices money is mysteriously showing up at Black Jack's home. Soon, Black Jack and Pinoko discover a Japanese robin who is leaving the money, but why?

They find out a boy is sick with from tumor, and the robin it trying to save him just like the boy had saved its mate. Sharaku scares Pinoko with a story from a horror book. But, there might be some truth behind the Black Jack Mix 2 - Side B - Various - Black Jack Mix 2 (Cassette) after all. A man with a face wrapped in bandages comes to visit Black Jack. What is he hiding? He has Dissociative Identity Disorder with two personalities.

An apparently violent one emerged when his face distorted from a carbuncle. Black Jack operates and restores his face, but it returns. After a second operation, both the carbuncle and personality are gone. Black Jack goes to collect the money, only to find the man waiting to kill him! What is going on? And will Black Jack and Pinoko manage to escape from this crazed man? Black Jack is hired to act the part of a man's son to operate on his ill older brother.

Reluctantly, Black Jack agrees. While waiting to meet with him, the story of the two brothers is told to Black Jack and Pinoko. As a promise to their dying father, the elder brother worked hard to send his younger brother to become a doctor, though he was obviously not cut out for it. Under the pressure, the younger brother ran away and started his own successful company, but his son is revealed to be studying in America to become a doctor.

Black Jack refuses to operate immediately, demanding a week to prepare. When the time for the procedure comes, the suspicious elder brother identifies BJ for who he is and stubbornly refuses to be treated, as it is not his nephew. However, Black Jack had already gone and fetched the nephew from New York, and the operation proceeds after the two brothers reconcile.

Biwamaru, an acupuncturist, heals people with his needle for no payment, even curing a few of Black Jack's patients, much to the doctor's disgruntlement. He warns Biwamaru not to treat his patients anymore, though Biwamaru replies he goes where his senses tell him. The acupuncturist visits another patient of Black Jack, a young girl, and treats her using a needle and leaves. Black Jack rushes to the girl's house, bringing Biwamaru with him. He shows Biwamaru that the girl has an extreme fear of needles, causing her to have debilitating panic attacks.

He treats her, telling Biwamaru that needles aren't always the way to heal patients. Later, Biwamaru returns the favor by using a needle to heal Black Jack's weak intestines. A bomb is detonated in a train station, in which BJ brings support to the injured. The investigation starts. There are four suspicious suspects, who are held for questioning.

A young woman who lost her sight due to the bomb is the only witness. Since the eye was destroyed, any operation to restore her sight would only work for five minutes at most.

Black Jack agrees to proceed anyway, with the patient's consent. The witness IDs the culprit, who is immediately arrested. A gang of rough high school girls steal a locker key from a woman on the street. They open the locker expecting something worth money, but find a baby inside instead.

The girls panic and decide to leave it there, but the heart of the leader softens and she takes him to be seen by Black Jack when he gets seriously ill.

Black Jack treats him, but says he is malnourished and needs to be seen in a hospital. The girl resists and leaves, sneaking out at night to care for the baby, until she is caught by her parents. What will happen to the baby? Did he die? Why did she care so much anyway? A young man goes to a desert and falls to his death, but then returns to Japan a few months later. How can this be? Black Jack changed two peoples' faces and now each is deceiving the other.

Will they find out each other's secrets? This karte is the tragic life story of a model, how she became trapped in a marriage as somebody's piece of art, escaped but needed to be admitted into a hospital shortly afterwards. She flees from the hospital, fearing that she would be trapped again.

Black Jack misses his train, and sees her collapse, he saves her at the train station saying that if she wants to repay him, she should buy him a bowl of ramen. But when she is well, she tells him that because he saved her, she fell in love at the hospital with the man that she married, she offers to pay Black Jack for saving her, but BJ says that he won't accept money from her, even in the size of a bowl of ramen.

This is the story of why the piece of skin beside the scar on Black Jack's face is a different colour. Black Jack is in Europe when gets to see his old friend Takashi, Black Jack explains to Pinoco that Takashi was the friend who Black Jack Mix 2 - Side B - Various - Black Jack Mix 2 (Cassette) him the most precious gift of all, a piece of his skin. Pinoko wants to get into high school, having received a middle school diploma through a mail-order service.

When she goes to apply for the entrance exam, she's laughed off campus due to her young appearance. Finding Pinoko dejected and with the urging of her friends, Black Jack bribes the chairman into letting her take the exam. Sharaku and Watou enthusiastically volunteer to help her study, but Black Jack warns them not to push her too hard as her synthetic body tires as easily as a child's. Pinoko studies hard and gets to the exam, but collapses with severe stomach pain.

Black Jack operates on her, confirming his suspicions that her body can't handle the stress that comes with a competitive high school environment. Pinoko then decides she'll try kindergarten next, but proves to be a bit too rambunctious for the little tykes. There is a very old tree in a park in the next town, to which Pinoko and the others discover.

This karte is about their attempts to protect this old tree and the life of the old man. This karte is about a female surgeon, the rumours say she is as cold as ice, that she is like a female Black Jack, thus the nickname she received at her hospital; Black Queen. This karte is about two people, how their fates became intertwined when Black Jack saved the life one of the two. Black Jack has a job in a small town near a factory, and tells Pinoko she has to stay home because of her bad cold.

While on his way to his hotel, he meets a young girl who looks almost identical to Pinoco. How could this be? And she has a fatal lung disease, too. Black Jack is given a chance to redeem his medical license, by treating the son of Detective Takasugi who has Paget's Disease. The operation is a success, but Jack refuses to comply with the bureaucratic registration process and is arrested for practicing without a licence.

During Black Jack's imprisonment, a former patient, the Italian billionaire Mr. Boccherini, begs Black Jack to save his grandson, but the head of the Japan Medical Association refuses to release Black Jack despite the billionaire's attempts at bribery. The operation is assigned to Dr. White who carries it out using robotic surgical aids. Enraged at the Black Jack Mix 2 - Side B - Various - Black Jack Mix 2 (Cassette) of his grandson, the billionaire arranges for the son of the head of the medical association to be shot.

The father pleads with Jack to save the boy and he agrees, but for an outrageous sum of money. Black Jack, still holds a grudge against his father for walking out on him and his mother Mio after they were caught in an explosion. However, he responds when his wealthy father, Kagemitsu Hazama, contacts him for the first time in 21 years. Kagemitsu offers money and a partnership in his syndicate if Jack will perform plastic surgery on his second wife, Renka, who was burned in a fire.

His father instructs Jack to make her "The most beautiful woman alive". When the bandages are removed, his father is horrified to find that she looks exactly like his late wife, Mio. After Jack arrives back at his house, he is the target of an assassination attempt by a mysterious organization and is caught in a massive explosion. Pinoko, refuses to believe that Black Jack is dead and continues to dig through the rubble of their bombed out house.

For a while, she lives in the diner owned by Jack's friend Tetsu, but later reluctantly agrees to be adopted by a family that runs a local hospital. It is then revealed that Black Jack survived the bomb blast set by the assassin Benitokage, thanks to help from his friends, Toriton the killer whale and the father and son fishermen. Jack remains in hiding to prevent placing Pinoko and his friends in danger, and suspects that the bomb is similar to the one which almost killed him 21 years ago.

During his investigations, Jack discovers an old group photograph in the clinic once owned by Dr. Honma, Black Jack's mentor, which includes Dr. Honma, Dr. Kreutuzer and his father. After Pinoko finds him, Jack comes out of hiding to continue his search for the assassins. Black Jack and Pinoko fly to Europe to track down Dr Kreutzer, a man that Jack recognized in the photograph he found at Honma's clinic. While at a hospital run by Dr. Kreutuzer, Jack befriends a little girl named Suzie.

He enters the hospital where he finds that Dr. Kreutzer has been in a persistent vegetative state for two months after a car accident. The hospital controller, Mr. Devon, asks Jack to impersonate Dr. Kreutuzer and perform an operation on a cancer patient. At first Jack refuses, although he later accepts the job for a high fee after Pinoko reveals that the patient is the little girl's mother.

Following the operation, a Dr. Stein who was also present in the old group photograph mentions the "organization" and the "Noir Project". After encountering Dr. Stein at Kreutzer's hospital, Black Jack follows Dr. Stein to his hospital in Germany where he is a leading expert on prosthetic limbs and organ transplants.

Jack encounters a colleague, Dr. Konomi Kuwata a. Black Queen who mentions that Dr. Stein is about to perform an operation that would attach an experimental robotic arm to the boy Triton, an aspiring pianist who has Ewing's sarcoma. Jack fails to get any answers from Dr. Stein, but he does talk to the boy who would rather keep his human arm and learn to play the hard way.

With Dr. Kuwata's assistance, Jack saves the boy's arm, and then plans to follow Dr. Stein to England. Meanwhile, Benitokage and the organization's assassins are still hot on his heels. With the help of Dr. Ayako Nishikawa whom he met during his encounter with Dr. White, a military aircraft converted into a fully functioning airborne clinic.

During the flight, a group of militants hijack the plane, planning to turn it back into a fighting craft to help their own people in Taranistan. The passengers and crew of the plane resist the terrorists, but one of the militants detonates a stun grenade in the cockpit, injuring the pilots and himself with shrapnel.

Jack operates to save the lives of the injured under almost impossible conditions while Dr. White struggles to control the damaged Sky Hospital as it runs low on fuel. With the assistance of a semi-recovered pilot, Dr.

White safely lands the plane in a desert. Jack and Pinoko continue their journey on foot. Black Jack and Pinoco arrive in a middle eastern town after leaving the damaged Sky Hospital. While there, they befriend a Japanese man named Aritani who is there on business. Later that night Black Jack is arrested and accused of murder, but Pinoko finds Aritani who provides an alibi for him. Jack offers to repay the favor with a free treatment if ever required. Later, Aritani returns to his office in Germany where he is pressured to take the fall for his company which was redirecting money illegally to an unknown organization.

However, after taking responsibility for the missing funds, Aritani is thrown in front of a train and ends up in a critical condition. Desperate to save Aritani's life, Jack races to Germany but is unable to operate on Aritani without a licence. After he inspires the owner of the hospital with his determination, Jack temporarily buys the hospital and saves Aritani.

After he recovers, Aritani says the redirected money was used to fund the Noir Project. Black Jack finally arrives in England searching for Dr. Stein when he hears of a man who's been in a coma for 65 years but has not aged. Stein wants to analyse him seeking information about eternal youth, however the patient's niece has hired Dr. Kiriko to end his life. Instead, Jack successfully operates on the patient who regains consciousness, but begins ageing rapidly and dies.

Shortly afterwards Dr. Stein tell jack that it was him who urged Dr. Honma to try organ transplants on Jack 21 years ago after he was severely injured in an explosion. As Dr. Stein dies from a curious ailment called "Phoenix disease" he gives Jack the name of Dr.

Jorujyu, currently in New York, who was also in the old group photograph and who may be able to help Jack with his quest. Black Jack and Pinoko travel to New York.

Bart, now the head at Dr. Jorujyu's hospital, asks Jack to help him operate on his mother, Catherine Bart, because she has Honma's Hematoma. Jack, remembers his mentor's words not to get involved in that disease and refuses.

Years earlier, the medical community accused Dr. Honma of conducting a live experiment on a patient with the rare disease causing him to resign. Later, Jack locates the clock which appears in the old group photograph just as Benitokage, the female assassin, arrives up and shoots Jack in the chest. Following the shooting, she is ordered to retrieve something from Catherine Bart.

Black Jack survives the shooting because his mother's pendant stopped the bullet. He operates on Dr. Jack replaces the Type Hydra with another artificial heart and saves her life. They discover that the Type Hydra was designed by Jack's father, Hazama Kagemitsu, through a microfiche that was inside Mio's pendant. Catherine tells Jack how his parents met and how Kagemitsu left Mio and the hospital to work on the Noir Project.

When Catherine had a heart attack, Kagemitsu risked his life to provide the experimental the artificial heart. Meanwhile, Benitokage steals the Type Hydra and the order to kill Jack is cancelled.

Black Jack and Pinoko travel to Canada and arrive at Dr. Jorujyu's lakeside cabin. Jack is shot at by the doctor's daughter Yuri, mistaking him for her brother. George s seriously ill, and Jack diagnoses hat he has mediastinal pneumonthorax causing air to leak into a body cavity.

Yuri's brother arrives, and is he none other than the infamous Dr. Kiriko, who has been unable to save his father and plans to euthanize him against his sister's wishes. Kiriko reveals that his father also has the incurable Phoenix Disease, contracted during the Noir Project which was seeking the secret of eternal life. Jack successfully operates on Dr. Jorujyu who temporarily regains consciousness, but he succumbs to the incurable disease anyway.

As Jack leaves, Yuri gives Jack the key to her father's research laboratory. Black Jack and Pinoco travel by train to find Dr. Jorujyu's research lab however, Benitokage continues to pursue him with her henchman Souryu. Benitokage tracks them through the snow, but during a violent confrontation she is injured and Jack decides to rescue her and treat her wounds.

In Dr. Jorujyu's cottage cellar, Jack finally stumbles across a document about the mysterious Phoenix disease. The weather worsens with a heavy blizzard as Benitokage regains conscious. M Fried Cornbread. Chicken legs slow-cooked in their own fat.

Marinated Crispy Fried Chicken wings. Choice of ranch, caesar, balsamic vinaigrette, cajun honey mustard, teriyaki or olive oilAll dressings are made from Scrtach Romaine, spring mix, red onion, cucumber, marinated heirloom tomatoes, cornbread croutons.

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  6. Black Jack, occasionally stylised as Blackjack, is a French label founded by producer Fab G. and based in Aix-en-Provence. Active from to , the label was re-launched in on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.
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