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And sprinkles oil and blood upon Aaron and his sons, Leviticus The flesh of the consecration ram is to be boiled and eaten at the door of the tabernacle, LeviticusLeviticus Moses commands Aaron and his sons to abide seven days at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, which they do accordingly, Leviticus Take Aaron and his sons - The whole subject of this chapter has been anticipated in the notes, Exodus ; noteetc.

It is only necessary to observe that Aaron and his sons were not anointed until now. Before, the thing was commanded; now, first performed. He put in the breastplate the Urim and the Thummim - The Urim and Thummim are here supposed to be something different from the breastplate itself. And he put the mitre - See Clarke's note on Exodus The bullock for the sin-offering - This was offered each day during the seven days of consecration.

See Exodus Put it upon the tip of Aaron's right ear, etc. Calmet remarks that the consecration of the high priest among the Romans bore a considerable resemblance to the consecration of the Jewish high priest. On this floor they sacrificed a bullock, whose blood was freely poured out on the planks or floor, which running through the holes fell upon the priest, who stood under to receive this sacred aspersion, and who, in order to be completely covered with the blood, took care to present the whole of his body, his clothes, face, eyes, nose, lips, and even his tongue, to receive the drops of blood falling through the pierced floor above.

Being completely covered with this sanguineous shower, he ascended from his subterranean place, and was acknowledged and adored by the people as Pontifex Maximus, or supreme high priest.

Prudentius was born about the middle of the fourth century, and was no doubt intimately acquainted with the circumstances he describes. And waved them for a wave-offering - See the nature of this and the heave-offering in the note on Exodus ; note. And Moses took - the blood - and sprinkled it upon Aaron, etc. In his agony in the garden. In his being crowned with thorns. In the piercing of his hands and his feet. And, 4. In his side being pierced with the spear. All these were so many acts of atonement performed by the high priest.

Blessed Rain - High Priest (6) - Consecration (File) seven days shall he consecrate you - This number was the number of perfection among the Hebrews; and the seven days' consecration implied a perfect and full consecration to the sacerdotal office. See Clarke's note on Exodus So Aaron and his sons did - This chapter shows the exact fulfillment of the commands delivered to Moses, Exodus 29; and consequently the complete preparation of Aaron and his sons to fill the awfully important office of priests and mediators between God and Israel, to offer sacrifices and make atonement for the sins of the people.

Ainsworth, "the covenant of the priesthood was confirmed unto the tribe of Levi in Aaron and his sons, which covenant was life and peace, Blessed Rain - High Priest (6) - Consecration (File), Malachi Priests are warriors who use magical staves imbued with the divine power of the gods. Figure 1: Priest casting its Holy Combo. Smiting Fist can damage and knock enemies back with an enormous fist of holy light. Figure 2: Priest summoning the Smiting Fist. Figure 3: Priest summoning the Blades of Contrition.

The priest can use Shield of Faithwhich casts a protective shield around himself or his allies for a limited time or until they receive damage. Figure 4: Priest casting Shield of Faith on itself. Figure 5: Priest casting Shield of Faith on allies. The engraved Blessed Rain - High Priest (6) - Consecration (File) and the stones engraved with the tribal names highlight the role of the high priest as the holy representative of all Israel before the Lord Exodus ,Exodus The high priest shared in general priestly duties.

Only the high priest, however, was allowed to enter the holy of holies and then only on the Day of Atonement Leviticus ; for the details of the ritual, see Day of Atonement. The death of the high priest marked the end of an epoch.

One guilty of involuntary manslaughter was required to remain in a city of refuge until the death of the high priest NumbersNumbers ,Numbers; Joshua The expiatory death of Blessed Rain - High Priest (6) - Consecration (File) high priest removed blood guilt that would pollute the land compare Numbers History of the Office Some argue that the developed priesthood characterized by three divisions high priest, priests, and Levites was a late, possibly postexilic, development in the history of Israel's worship.

Others take the Biblical texts at face value and accept Mosaic institution of the fully developed priesthood. The term high priest occurs in only one brief passage in the Pentateuch Numbers ,Numbers,Numbers, once in Joshua Joshua where the legislation of Numbers is enactedand never in the Book of Judges.

Aaron, Eliezar, and Phineas are typically called the priest. Neither Eli, Ahimelech, Abiathar, nor Zadok are called high or chief priest, though all four headed priestly families and are mentioned in connection with items usually associated with the high priest the ark, the ephod, the Urim and Thummim: 1 Samuel ; 1 Samuel ; 1 Samuel1 Samuel ; 2 Samuel Eleazar was charged with supervision of the Levites Numbers ; compare 1 Chronicles and of the sanctuary apparatus Numbers He figures in the narrative of Numbers where the offering of incense is affirmed as the exclusive prerogative of the priests and in the red heifer ceremony Numbers The account of Eleazar's donning Aaron's priestly robe Numbers ; compare Deuteronomy provides Scripture's best report of high priestly succession.

As chief priest Eleazar assisted Moses with the census Numbers Eleazar served as an advisor to Moses Numbers and to Joshua, consulting the Lord by means of the sacred lots. Such counsel formed the basis for the apportionment of the Promised Land among the tribes Numbers ; Joshua ; Joshua ; Joshua ; Joshua One indication of the significance of Eleazar is that the Book of Joshua concludes with the death of this chief priest Joshua Phinehas, son of Eleazar, is best known for his zealous opposition to intermarriage with the Moabites and the concomitant idolatry Numbers For his zeal Phinehas was granted a covenant of perpetual priesthood Numbers and was reckoned as righteous Psalm Phinehas accompanied the sanctuary vessels in holy war Numbers Part of his ministry before the ark involved consulting the Lord for battle counsel Judges Aaron, Eleazar, and Phinehas appear in Biblical history as distinct personalities.

Until Eli's appearance at end of the period of the judges, a puzzling silence surrounds the high priesthood. Of these nothing is known except their names. Nor is Eli included among this list, though he functioned as the chief priest of the Shiloh sanctuary. Eli is best known for his rearing of Samuel 1 Samuel ; 1 Samuel and for his inability to control his own sons 1Samuel1 Samuel ; 1 Samuelwhich, in time, resulted in the forfeiture of the high priesthood by his line 1 Samuel Following the death of Eli, the Shiloh priesthood apparently relocated to Nob.

Saul suspected the priesthood of conspiracy with David and exterminated the priestly family of Ahimelech 1 Samuel Only Abiathar escaped 1 Samuel When David moved the ark to Jerusalem, Abiathar and Zadok apparently officiated jointly as chief priests 2Samuel ;2Samuel2 Samuel ; 2 Samuelthough Zadok already appears as the dominant figure in 2Samuel. Solomon suspected Abiathar of conspiracy with his brother Adonijah and exiled him to his ancestral home 1 Kings The high priesthood remained in the family of Zadok from the beginning of Solomon's reign about B.

At times during the monarchy, individual high priests exercised major roles in the life of Judah. Jehoshabeath, wife of the high priest Jehoida 2 Chronicles Blessed Rain - High Priest (6) - Consecration (File), saved the infant Joash from the murderous Athaliah. Six years later, Jehoida was the mastermind of the coup de'etat in which Joash was crowned king 2 Kings


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  4. High Priest, Category: Artist, Singles: Cosmic Key, Sanctum, Consecration, Top Tracks: Descent, Cosmic Key, Priest, Creature, Blessed Rain, Biography: High Priest is.
  5. * Blessed Rain - The tears of Heaven rain down in a small area, blessing yourself and making everyone wet, while covering the ground with holy water. Level * Martyrdom - Heal your closest allies at the cost of your own vitality. * Exorcism - Banish a summoned creature or .
  6. Anointing is the ritual act of pouring aromatic oil over a person's head or entire body.. By extension, the term is also applied to related acts of sprinkling, dousing, or smearing a person or object with any perfumed oil, milk, butter, or other fat. Scented oils are used as perfumes and sharing them is an act of use to introduce a divine influence or presence is recorded.
  7. Figure 5: Priest casting Shield of Faith on allies. The priest can create orbs of healing magic called Healing Spheres that heals allies when they walk through them. Figure 6: Priest summoning the Healing Sphere. Judgment creates a wide arc of enemies in front of the priest, healing friendly players extra while damaging enemies.
  8. Ordination Priesthood, In Ot Aaron, As High Priest Consecration Anointing. You shall put them on Aaron your brother and on his sons with him; and you shall anoint them and ordain them and consecrate them, that they may serve Me as priests. Anointing Things Genesis Verse Concepts.

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