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Download Drowsy With Hope (Shadow Company Dub) - Hamvai P.G. - Welcome To The Bed (CD)
Label: CLS Records - CLS SA0162 • Format: CD Compilation, Mixed • Country: Hungary • Genre: Electronic • Style: House

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Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Community See all. About See all. Page transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Full-motion video clips and soundbites will be incorporated Into the game "F"klng game over, man"and up to four players will be able to play on one PC. No, we've never heard of him either. However, as is the trend with god games, Mr Salto Is putting his name on the line for the sequel, Yoot's Tower.

Like the original, the aim is to build a successful tower block, complete with apartments, shops, elevators and restaurants. And, as well as balancing your finances, you have to think about fulfilling your residents' needs. Although still in 2D, the game will feature a slew of new features such as multiple towers connected by sky bridges, and specialist shops and editable features that can be traded over the Internet. You'll also be able to choose the location for your tower, from beachfront resorts to an urban metropolis.

Thanks to SegaPC, building will commence this autumn. Email us at letters. Along with the usual range of buildings and units. They in turn gain experience and, depending on their personal allegiances, either fight with you or turn against you.

To recruit warriors you have to post rewards throughout your lands, although they won't all be persuaded to join you. And with different races under your rule, you've got a job on your hands balancing everyone's needs and maintaining the status quo. Also boasting RPG elements must be the next big thing.

Seven Kingdoms II expands on the C V 7 zanon-type elements that the original tried so Drowsy With Hope (Shadow Company Dub) - Hamvai P.G. - Welcome To The Bed (CD) to pull off. Palace guards come to your aid. Trading in plutonlum Ni Jumpgate. SPACE TWo more space sIms battle it out online With Origin's Privateer On-Line currently in the pipeline, and Chris Roberts focusing his attention away from the movie industry and back on games with his own online space sim Freelancer, news is coming in of two other Web-based space combat sims.

Taking its cue from the eight-bit classic Elite, Netdevil's Jumpgate enables you to engage in trade and interstellar war, either as privateers or as part of a team. The game universe will be spilt into sectors, each linked by jumpgates, enabling you to trade between home and various worlds.

Later in the game you will be able to upgrade your ships or buy larger ones such as bulk cruisers and freighters, with friends and allies flying escort. A public beta version of the game should be available in June - keep an eye on www. No less exciting is Parsec, for the simple fact that it will be entirely free. Although trading is off the list, dogfighting is right at the top, and with some freespace-style effects, it looks more than a little impressive so far.

Like Jumpgate, sectors will be split among different servers connected by stargates. A demo should be available soon. Check www. In time though, it's hoped anotfier developer will picK up the game. Environment Audio Your environment's about to change forever. A revolution's taking place, with more people joining every day - the campaign for Environmental Audio. What's it all about? Well shut your eyes for a moment and listen.

Not only can you distinguish between different sounds, you'll also notice you can pinpoint their origin, hear them pass you and disappear - a sensation that can only be matched by Environmental Audio. Inside every SoundBlaster Live! And with more games titles formatted for EA everyday, isn't it time you joined?

To find out more contact your local dealer or call CDM l!? More thanorganisations worldwide were hit by the virus in a matter of days. Many, including Microsoft and Intel, were forced to temporarily shut down their entire email systems to stop the virus spreading further.

Melissa is not an. When a user opens the infected document with Word, the macro virus is executed, it extracts the first 50 addresses or groups of addresses from Microsoft Outlook's address book and sends a message and the macro virus to each one.

However, if you're not using Word 97 and Outlook 98 or pre-release Office versionsthe macro will have no effect. Also, despite the media fuss. Melissa causes no damage to data on PCs, although the extra Internet traffic created by such viruses can paralyse email infrastructures.

Within just a few days of the virus appearing, David Smith, a year-old network programmer from New Jersey, was arrested and charged with, among other offences, interrupting public communications and third-degree theft of computer services. The combined charges carry a maximum penaityof40 years imprisonment. At the end of last year, the CIH virus swept rapidly through the gaming community, and we've had several letters from victims of the Happy99 macro virus see Dear Wazza on page 1 All these are available from high- street stores for less than the price of a single gama Check out the relevant websites for demonstration and online versions.

We also strongly advise Word and Excel users to enable the Macro Vims Protection option go to Options from the Tool menu in the programs. DireclPad Pro is compatible with any DirectX game. Details at www. O Creative Labs wvvw. Details of a UK release have yet to be announced. Worldwide, over different movies are available on DVD. And about ten games.

No, not David versus Goliath, but David versus consumer eiectronics giant Confusion reigns on the emulator scene as Sony file a lawsuit against the host of the popular emulation website Dave's Classic, and faces a new menace in the form of a new PC-based PlayStation emulator. Sony have allegedly slapped a copyright infringement lawsuit against 'Dave' and parent company ActionWorld for distributing copies of the PlayStation BIOS which could, in theory, be used with illegal third-party emulator software.

Sony are seeking injunctive relief and damages. Dave's Classics www. The Bleem! The demo, which is still available, enables you to test PlayStation titles but does not feature sound except for CD music or support for 3D accelerators or enhanced processors. Sony are currently in court with Connectix, the company behind a similar Apple Mac-based emulator called Virtual Game Station.

The Japanese giant is expected to take similar action against the creators of Bleem! The game, which includes eight ftyable planes from the ageing Phantom and A- 10 Thunderbolt to the high-tech F Raptor and F Stealth fighter, will feature a total of 62 missions encompassing a combination of past, present and future semi-dynamic campaigns set in the Gulf, Vietnam and a possible future European air war. USAF will be the first game to run on Jane's online World War service, which should also serve all future Jane's simulations, with tanks, ships and planes all able to battle it out in cyberspace.

Unfortunately, a UK on-sale date for USAF itself has yet to be announced, although a year-end release is thought to be feasible. Voice over IP also referred to as Internet Telephony and IP Telephony refers to voice and video information being sent point-to-point across the Internet, rather than via the telephone network.

The VoIP protocol is tieing promoted by many major hardware vendors including two of the largest, 3Com and Cisco. A special protocol makes sure that all data packets are delivered in the correct order and at the correct time.

Although Internet conversations are often as clear as those on regular phone lines, fluctuating bandwidth, modem speeds and other traffic have a huge effect on quality - your mileage may vary.

The best place to go is www. Which helps. Order online now at www. If you haven't entered your team yet, you'd better get a move on. Here, then, are the games you will be playing, and the conditions you'll be competing under.

Please note that the Age Of Empires level is taken from the Rise To Rome expansion pack, so you'll need this in order to practice for the main event. In the event of any changes, team members will be notified In advance. Check the website www. Ob plus Rise Of ffome expansion Map; custom scenario Opponents: one computer- ' 1 controlled civilisation LILLIiJ Game Settings: path finding high, fixed positions, iron age, full tech tree, timelimit 5, years, medium difficulty, fastest speed.

The more observant among you will have noticed the legend 'optimised for 3D Now! This means that these games will have superior audio and visual quality, and will therefore run more smoothly than you're used to. This Is a good thing. Increased frame rates mean quicker response times, so expect to be competing in these genres under the best possible conditions. But remember. Just so you know. Opponents: custom team UKPCGCAll Stars Same settings: Semi Pro, game speed medium, match length 1 Sextra time off, referee David Elleray, transfers off, wind off, free kicks, injuries, bookings, no replays, substitutions, offside, no penalty shoot-out, equalise stats, choice of a recognised UK league team, time: 1 5, 3D Nowl enhanced.

Our esteemed Editor Chris Anderson set this record himself! Mj toulJ Miir. Uss our regional message toardr.

Choose the egion rejcest to you. Check out Microsoft's Gaming Zone With the capacity to play more than 50 different games online, Microsoft's Gaming Zone is ttie world's number one multiplayer site, with over three million registered users and well over 20, people playing online at any one time. Not only that, but players wishing to join a team in their particular region will also find a bulletin board where you can either make your skills known or advertise for someone to join your ranks.

If you're having problems finding a strategy fan to back up your shooting skills, or a driving Drowsy With Hope (Shadow Company Dub) - Hamvai P.G. - Welcome To The Bed (CD) to complement your footballing prowess, you won't find a better place to get connected. And there are even more prizes up for grabs each week In the nin-up to the Final, on top of the prizes we're awarding In the competttion itself.

So what are you waiting for? Go, go, GO! While most of us with fond memories of Spectrum gaming can happily play on emulators, there is a thriving community of developers actually rewriting old games for the PC. Perhaps one of the most innovative in development is Chris Wild's Midnight Project, which aims to bring Lords Of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge to the PC with icons, mouse control and even a scenario editor, An early - very playable - version is ready that, Drowsy With Hope (Shadow Company Dub) - Hamvai P.G.

- Welcome To The Bed (CD), oddly enough, is even better than Mike Singleton's remake. RetroSpec are a small group of coders working on a host of remakes such as Skool Daze, which remains one of the most original games ever made, Others in the group are working on Sabre Wulf, Jet Pac and even WulfRyder: Knight Lore 11, a new sequel to the ground-breaking isometric adventure.

The idea behind such remakes is to keep the gameplay intact while updating graphics and sound. And don't think that programming has stopped on the Spectrum itself - Dune 2 and Sonic The Hedgehog are currently being crammed into K. Mm The RclroSpec tiomepage. H 2 on the Spectrum. Hello John, are you there? Wizard's Lair a. Fourteen years after its release, this hectic arcade shooter possesses such a unique, timeless magic that it makes Hie contemporary glamour and glitz of 3Dfx graphics look as empty and superficial as Lara Croft's personality.

You could complete it over times and still feel the desire to play it times more. How often does that happen nowadays? Starquake was a game that was way ahead of its time and, to be fair, updating it would be a travesty - it's that good it just doesn't need it.

Starquake was, is, and always will be gaming perfection. Rnd out about Starquake at www. Power Stone, from kung fu masters Capcom. Power Stone is a hugely playable beat 'em up with a difference.

The 3D environment in which it is set is fully Interactive, enabling your character of choice to swing from lampposts and hurl fixtures and fittings, as well as deliver the usual punches and kicks. Around these arenas are scattered a range of weapons, and the Power Stones of the title. Collect three of these and your character morphs into an ass-kicking superbeing. Power Stone provides enough gaming joy to keep you happy until the anival of what promises to be one of the games of the year Metropolis is a new street racing game that looks set to make Gran Turismo 2 look like Pole Position.

The game is set in London, San Francisco and Tokyo, each of which has three different circuits. However, these aren't just loosely modelled street maps with a few landmarks fiirown in, a la GTA London. The designers travelled to each location and spent months photographing them, so the environment within each circuit a four-square-mile area looks exactly the same as its real-world counterpart - Aberdeen Angus steakhouses and everything.

As the demo car a Fiat Barchetta slides round a Tokyo street corner, you can see the brake discs start to glow through the alloy wheels, and the trees wave in the wind of your passing so to speak. The Dreamcast's analogue triggers lend themselves well to acceleration and braking, and the 'feel' of the car is spot on.

Bizarre Creations let slip that the game will contain a 'story' mode as well as the arcade-esque circuit racing, enabling free driving within the cities, just like Turbo Espriton the Spectrum hopefully. Will Metropolis make it to the PC? Well, if Sega know what's good for them - and after the Saturn fiasco, they'd better - then they'll tie it in as a Dreamcast exclusive.

So don't hold your breath. Oh, and don't cross the road without looking both ways either fS Metropolis: each track contains 32, diftsront tflxtures - that's a lot.

F, F-2Z Lighlning 3. AirQuake 2 again takes the fight far above the usual brown landscape as you loop around in jet fighters and helicopters. New to this version, though, is an auto-pilot mode, locational damage, and the option to drive tanks and mow down infantry, Not only that, but a full single-player campaign is incorporated, enabling you to destroy bases in a variety of environments.

The first version o1 AirQuake 2 should be ready within a matter of weeks. Return of a ciassic The 1 6-bit classic Rampage is on its way back. Like the arcade original. No UK publisher has been found as yet, but the game should be completed by Christmas. Always tenderUa your steak belortiiand. Currently we're finishing Wanted'. Check out www. Redemption, a sequel to this product, is already in development. It will take the quality of the Drug Barons Drowsy With Hope (Shadow Company Dub) - Hamvai P.G.

- Welcome To The Bed (CD) and thrash it with variety, gameplay, and atmosphere to die for. Until recently Wanted! We took on Mariano Modano recently for his outstanding keyboard skills. Redemption will again feature my level design work, but this time helped greatly by Tony Tone' Newton New Zealand. Currently I'm the branch manager for an International company. That's on top of a hour week in a full-time job. Yes, probably," When will Wanted. Redemption will take a little longer - it'll be out when it's finished.

I bet you hate it when people say that! That it will sell thousands of copies and make me rich and famous. That 'the man' will see it, like it and make me an offer 1 can't refuse. There's never been a group of individuals who have meshed so well into a team in this industry before and who are so intent on bringing the feeling of actually being there. They have a clear understanding of what they want.

I believe that next time around they will be very close to their goals. AU Hghls received. A PMH Group. After switching from using the Quake II engine to UnreaFs, we were assured the transition would be a short one.

The most recent development in the Duke world is that 3D Realms have licensed a new technology called Multi- Resolution Geometry that enables more characters on screen at the same time. Not that we mind, as long as the game is good. The job involves testing software, writing installation scripts and building and testing the CDs.

You'll need to have an in-depth knowledge of PC hardware and software, know the difference between DirectX and Generation X, and be able to locate drivers, patches and programs on the Internet. It's official.

Or at least it is according to the parents of three US students murdered during a high school shooting spree. The lawsuit claims that Carneal - currently serving a year sentence - was influenced by these aspects of the entertainment industry into committing his heinous crime. Among the defendants listed are Apogee, iD, GT, Sega of America, Atari, Acclaim, Inteiplay, Midway, Nintendo of America, Activision, Sony, Capcom, Eidos and SquaresofL The complaint contends that these companies produced and supplied games that made the violence "pleasurable and attractive" and disconnected the savageness fram nabral consequences.

Additionally, the plaintiffs claim the games taught Carneal to shoot in a fashion that made him an "extraordinarily effective taller". Commenting on the case, Scott Miller of Apogee maintained: "Blaming video games, movies or music wrongly shifte responsibility away from the accused and that person's custodians.

We seem to live in a society in which people do not accept personal responsibility. The only people benefiting from tills sad state are attorneys who are experts at finding ottiers to tjlame. Following threatened legal action, the notorious Nude Raider site has finally been forced to close. A spokesman for Core Design whined: "it's tieen in the back of our minds for a long time now. We didn't like it from a copyright point of view, as well as the fact that children interested in Tomt BaWerwere likely to end up seeing something akin to hard-core pornography.

The curvaceous adventuress will be seen pursued by a pack of angry dogs. Ok;iy, so it'snot the best 3D engine out there, but the fact iharit was treated just as much for S. I'm here to see Dungeon Keeper 2, the follow up to - duhhh - Dungeon Keeper 1one of the most complex and controversial strategy games of all time.

My job is to find out whether the sequel's going to be any good or not. I take a seat at the table. An impressively huge and flat LCD screen occupies most of the wall in front of me. I blink. My eyes are burning from lack of sleep. Dungeon Keeper 2 producer Nick Goldsworthy prods a touch-screen panel, the lights in the room stan to dim and the screen comes alive. It's like a scene in a Bond movie. Except instead of a map of the worldthe screen is filled with the impo.

I'm being shown an impressive FMV sequence created for the game by a French computer animation company previously responsible for some of the eye-popping 'sky traffic' scenes in The Fifth Element the movie, not the game, dum-dum.

It's good. It cheers me up a little. Now, many years later, Dungeon Keeper 2 producer Nick Goldsworthy follows her advice and 'opens his heart' on Dungeon Keeper 2 to the decidedly less glamorous Charlie Brooker For the unintttated, what sort ot game Is Dungeon Keepefi Nick: Xeeper falls in the middle of loads of different genres.

And there's a 3D first-person mode as well. It's a bit difficult to categorise, then? They have a hard time with it in the US, because they always want to put things in a genre they can easily understand. We have to say to them: "Look, we're somewhere in-between - this is an original game. Well, we started off saying let's just update Keeper-make it prettier, make it play a bit better - and then within the first three months we realised. And so it became a true sequel.

In the early stages we had quite a fluffy design document. Then we realised we had to do a proper game mechanics document, so we got five designers in.

There are 30 different areas of the project which needed designing - the combat system, the first-person elements and so on - and we split them up 50 each designer was covering about six sections each. That game mechanics document is like an encyclopedia now. It lists how everything works in relation to everything else. So it's a huge project. How many people are working on the game? In total? Alt in, about Are they any good? Thanks tor all the joy they're bringing Bullfrog don't muck around, you know.

Hospital building theme learning curva gafns, foliowing Theme Park. Just the finer details. That's precisely what focus grouping does. H - just to make things nice and tense. There's Alex Peters who's in charge of the programmers - he was a programmer on the original Dungeon Keeper. There are a lot of talented guys there, a lot of history. It makes for an excellent team. Let's assume I already own Dungeon Keeper 1. Ghre me one reason to buy the sequel.

There are lots of reasons, there's not one main thing in there. It's got an accelerated engine now, and new creatures, new rooms, new types of mission, loads of stuff like that.

Then there are all the things which people might think look small. Balancing is the key, and that's what's actually taken the longest amount of time. What about the ingrates who didn't like the first game? There's been some criticism in the past of Bullfrog games in that you play through a few levels and after that it's all very similar.

People said that about Theme Park and the original Keeper. That's why we've put a story in there. An ongoing story. It'll drive you on from one mission to the next. You've teamed up with the Horned Reaper, as it were, because he's the only creature powerful enough to aid you in your quest.

And while that's going on there are sub-quests as well. There's lots of different types of mission this time. It's not all 'build from scratch'. There's ones where you take over an existing dungeon and try to upgrade it.

There are puzzle levels as well, And there's My Pet Dungeon. My Pel Dungeon? Whars that? It's sort of a Theme Dungeon mode. Any other big changes we should know about? Another biggie is the combat system. In the first game you couldjustpickuplotsof creatures, drop them on to one spot and they'd have a mass battle. It was all a game of numbers, really. You'd just be sitting there with a heal spell and a lightning spell, trying to influence the fight that way.

And it looked a mess. You couldn't really see what was going on. It isn't just that they now sit more comfortably with their 3D surroundings, they also benefit from lighting effects, they cast shadows, and they display far smoother animation than before.

Everything looks crisper, clearer, and faintly more disgusting. Even the dungeon heart, the source of all your power, looks like a 'proper' organ. You feel you could reach into the screen, poke it, and get an eyeful of goo spurted back at you in return. Nick loads up a thriving dungeon and starts to demonstrate some of the other new features. He drops a troll into a casino room. It starts gambling, He drops a pair of monsters into a combat pit and they Stan leathering one another.

As the fight progresses, a crowd of onlookers begins to gather - other creatures, hearing the commotion, have come to have a look. It scuttles away. We follow it down a corridor. The imp runs into another room and raises a crowd of tougher beasts. They storm away in the direction of the hero, thirsty for battle.

First-person mode next. Nick possesses a firefly and starts to buzz around. The screen splits into a honeycomb viewpoint - flies have compound eyes, after all. As a fly. Especially larger creatures, like the Bile Demon, If you drop him, he'll lie there unable to move for a while, during which time he'll be taking double damage. It you just rain a lot of them down, they'll get annihilated; you have to be more strategic. Fair enough.

What about the fighting itseif? Well, we wanted to make the combat a hey component of the game. Each creature's got a certain fighting technique. Some creatures try to outflank others, some, like ttie bile demons, will move to the front and try to block.

Warlocks stand at the back casting spells. As they go up through the levels, they gain new skills and abilities. So, during a battle, a level 3 warlock might spot a weak creature and cast a spell to heal It, tor example.

There's a certain amount of intelligence in there, and you can see It all in action. But you still need to take control; you can't just sit back and leave them to it. We wanted to improve first- person and make it a more Important part of the game.

Now, when you possess a creature, you'll actually be slightly more efficient in battle. You'll cause more damage. A lot of the creatures have individual skills in first-person mode that they don't have in third- person. For instance, if you possess a bile demon, you can use him to pick up imps and throw them across chasms. It's quite a gimmicky thing, but it does help if, for example, you wanted to get the imp across some lava or something. Anything else?

Well, there are other things specific to first-person mode. Also, you can create 'war parties': any creatures you're lacing, you can just 'tag' them and they'll follow you, as a group.

It saves you having to switch in and out of first-person Drowsy With Hope (Shadow Company Dub) - Hamvai P.G. - Welcome To The Bed (CD) all the time. You don't neetf to enter first-person to win a level, but it does offer distinct advantages in some cases, especially in multiplayer. Are you worried ttie whole 'dungeons and ores' shtick might put some people off? I think some people perceived the original Keeperas a role-playing game, which of course it wasn't The creatures gain experience points, but that's about as close as It gets to an RPG.

In some areas of the worid. Meanwhile, countless other beasts are wandering around, going about their business. A set of imps are busy tunnelling through a section of nearby rock. A Bile Demon drags himself by with a nonchalant grunt. It's all quite captivating, You're left with the impression that you're seeing a thriving, organic community, full of life and character, and humour and nastiness.

This was always one of the aims of the original game, but there's something about the crisp, polygonal focus of the sequel that makes the overall vision leap vividly to life. Sitting by and looking on is frustrating; you can't wail to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in yourself.

Goldsworthy is refreshingly free from hyperbole - one of the first things he picks out as a major development in the game is the sheer amount of fine-tuning and balancing that's gone on.

Incredibly important from a gameplay point of view, but hardly the stuff of screaming advertising slogans. He comes across as a relaxed, attentive kind of guy. Probably nice to work for. The only awkward moment occurs when, suffering from cheap coffee and psychotic exhaustion. We ask everybody that question, I lie. There's a long, slightly embarrassed pause before he admits defeat: he can't think of one.

I apologise and change the subject. Overall there's a lot of talk about the game, obviously, and it's clearly something he's been talking about a lot of late. He brightens visibly when asked about his first gaming experiences. Turns out he's got a collection of old gaming systems at home, He knows his stuff.

It's a passion. That isn't something you can fake. This won't be a fake; this game won't be a token remake of the original. Dungeon Keeper 2 will, we believe, rock bells. Libraries, for instance, were knowledge centres wherein creatures could teach themselves new spells, while chicken hatcheries served as handy sources of food. All the rooms from the original are retained for the sequel, with a couple of fun additions. Rrst of all there's a 'barbarian pit' room wtiere creatures learn to fight It works quite simply: just drop a pair of creatures In and watch as they hammer ten shades of shinola out of one another.

They even draw a baying crowd. When close to death, they limp away and recuperate - unless you drop them in with a captured hero, in which case you've got a fight to the death. Oh, the humanity. Then there's the Casino room, replete with fruK machines and roulette wheels. This works on two levels: It attracts monsters into the dungeon, keeps them entertained, and can actually save you money the ignorant sods keep pumping their wages into It.

Still, in true casino-owning-bastard tradition, you can always beat the crap out of the winner and recoup some of your losses as he drops the coins.

For example, the actual look of the box this time is quite radically different. There'll be quite a lot of humour as well, Not too much humour, that side of things won't be completely in-your-face.

You won't be hiring the Chuckle Brothers, then? God no. That reminds us: how do you feel about all the torture in the game? The torture? I love it. That's my favourite - watching the mistress get tortured. She enjoys It. Actually, all the creatures make different sounds for different types for torture. Weil, we send them a description of the creature, a few pictures, some reference materials The salamander's really good. We've got a Shakespearean actor doing the main voice.

The Mistress was done by this really short lass - she was only about five foot high - who had this really sexy voice. We had one guy in who'd done the Super Noodles advert - the one where they lick the plates. He's Scottish. He's done the giant and the dwart. It's a diverse range. There are about 30 different things the creatures say - well, they don't speak, It's more vocal gestures. They make sad sounds, happy sounds, sulking sounds, angry sounds. And you have to get the voice actor to do about five examples of each of these.


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