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You must maintain an available balance for your monthly subscription fee on your credit card. We will automatically charge your credit card the last week of each month for following month. You must notify us of any address change at least 2 weeks before you move. We are not responsible for any packages shipped to an outdated address. Copying, selling, sharing, or redistributing of any XMIX music via any format is strictly prohibited.

Violation will result in immediate termination of your account. Any violation of these terms will be reported. A signed agreement is required for this subcription. With FlexStack-Plus technology, up to eight members can be joined into a single stack. In a mixed stack of Failed (X-Mix) X and Catalyst S switches, FlexStack-Plus reverts to FlexStack capabilities of 10 Gbps stack port bandwidth and a maximum of four members per stack.

When a single link in a full ring stack becomes inoperable, there is a disruption in the forwarding of packets, and the stack moves to a half ring. In a homogenous stack of Catalyst X switches this disruption of traffic or stack convergence time takes milliseconds. In a mixed stack configuration, the stack takes 1 to 2 seconds to reconverge.

A switch stack has up to eight stack members connected through their stack ports. A switch stack always has one stack master. A standalone switch is a switch stack with one stack member that also operates as the stack master. You can connect one standalone switch to another to create a switch stack containing two stack members, with one of them as the stack master.

You can connect standalone switches to an existing switch stack to increase the stack membership. A mixed stack can have up to 4 stack members, with either a Catalyst X or Catalyst S switch as the stack master. By default, Catalyst X switches operate at a port speed of 20 Gbps while S switches have a maximum port speed of 10 Gbps. In a mixed stack of Catalyst X and Catalyst S switches, the stack must operate at the port speed of the Catalyst S switch.

Otherwise, the switches will not stack. To set the port speed of the stack to 10 Gbps, use the switch stack port-speed 10 global configuration command on a Catalyst X stack member before you add a Catalyst S switch to the stack, and then reload the stack. If you replace a stack member with an identical model, the new switch functions with exactly the same configuration as the replaced switch, assuming that the new switch referred to as the provisioned switch is using the same member number as the replaced switch.

The operation of the switch stack continues uninterrupted during membership changes unless you remove the stack master or you add powered-on standalone switches or switch stacks. The last two right port LEDs on all switches in the stack should be green. If one or both of these LEDs are not green on any of the switches, the stack is not operating at full bandwidth.

For cabling and power considerations that affect switch stacks, see the Catalyst X Switch Hardware Installation Guide. The member number also determines the interface-level configuration that a stack member uses.

You can display the stack member number by using the show switch EXEC command. A new, out-of-the-box switch one that has not joined a switch stack or has not been manually assigned a stack member number ships with a default stack member number of 1. When it joins a switch stack, its default stack member number changes to the lowest available member number in the stack.

Stack members in the same switch stack cannot have the same stack member number. Every stack member, including a standalone switch, retains its member number until you manually change the number or unless the number is already being used by another member in the stack. As described in the hardware installation guide, you can use the switch port LEDs in Stack mode to visually determine the stack member number of each stack member, Failed (X-Mix).

A higher priority value for a stack member increases the probability of it being elected stack master and retaining its stack member number.

The priority value can be 1 to The default priority value is 1. You can display the stack member priority value by using the show switch EXEC command. We recommend assigning the highest priority value to the switch that you prefer to be the stack master. This ensures that the switch is reelected as stack master if a reelection occurs. To change the priority value for a stack member, use the switch stack-member-number priority new priority-value global configuration command.

The new priority value takes effect immediately but does not affect the current stack master. The new priority value helps determine which stack member is elected as the new stack master when the current stack master or the switch stack resets. When the stack initializes, the MAC address of the stack master determines the bridge ID that identifies the stack in the network.

When this feature is enabled, the stack MAC address changes in approximately 4 minutes. During this time, if the previous stack master rejoins the stack, the stack continues to use its MAC address as the stack MAC address, even if the switch is now a stack member and not a stack master.

If the previous stack master does not rejoin the stack during this period, the switch stack takes the MAC address of the new stack master as the stack MAC address. If the entire switch stack reloads, the switch stack uses the MAC address of the stack master. All stack members are eligible stack masters.

If the stack master becomes unavailable, the remaining members elect a new stack master from among themselves. The stack master is elected or reelected based on one of these factors and in the order listed:.

When you power on or reset an entire switch stack, some stack members might not participate in the stack master election. Stack members that are powered on within the same second time frame participate in the stack master election and have a chance to become the stack master. Stack members that are powered on after the second time frame do not participate in this initial election and become stack members.

All stack members participate in reelections. The new stack master becomes available after a few seconds. In the meantime, the switch stack uses the forwarding tables in memory to minimize network disruption. The physical interfaces on the other available stack members are not affected during a new stack master election and reset.

After a new stack master is elected and the previous stack master becomes available, the previous stack master does not resume its role as stack master. For all powering considerations that affect stack-master elections, see the Catalyst X Switch Hardware Installation Guide. The stack master has the saved and running configuration files for the switch stack. All stack members periodically receive synchronized copies of the configuration files from the stack master.

If the stack master becomes unavailable, any stack member assuming the role of stack master has the latest configuration files. The interface-specific settings of the stack master are saved if the stack master is replaced without saving the running configuration to the startup configuration.

A new, out-of-box switch joining a switch stack uses the system-level settings of that switch stack. If a switch is moved to a different switch stack, that switch loses its saved configuration file and uses the system-level configuration of the new switch stack. The interface-specific configuration of each stack member is associated with the stack member number. Stack members retain their numbers unless they are manually changed or they are already used by another member in the same switch stack.

If you replace a failed member with an identical model, the replacement member automatically uses the same interface-specific configuration as the failed switch. You do not need to reconfigure the interface settings. The replacement switch referred to as the provisioned switch must have the same stack member number as the failed switch. You back up and restore the stack configuration in the same way as you would for a standalone switch configuration.

You can use the offline configuration feature to provision to supply a configuration to a new switch before it joins the switch stack. You can configure the stack member number, the switch type, and the interfaces associated with a switch that is not currently part of the stack. The configuration that you create on the switch stack is called the provisioned configuration. The switch that is added to the switch stack and that receives this configuration is called the provisioned switch.

You manually create the provisioned configuration through the switch stack-member-number provision type global configuration command.

The provisioned configuration is automatically created when a switch is added to a switch stack and when no provisioned configuration exists. When you configure the interfaces associated with a provisioned switch for example, as part of a VLANthe switch stack accepts the configuration, and the information appears in the running configuration.

The interface associated with the provisioned switch is not active, operates as if it is administratively shut down, and the no shutdown interface configuration command does not return it to active service.

The interface associated with the provisioned switch does not appear in the display of the specific feature; for example, it does not appear in the show vlan user EXEC command output.

The switch stack retains the provisioned configuration in the running configuration whether or not the provisioned switch is part of the stack. You can save the provisioned configuration to the startup configuration file by entering the copy running-config startup-config privileged EXEC command. The startup configuration file ensures that the switch stack can reload and can use the saved information whether or not the provisioned switch is part of the switch stack.

When you add a provisioned switch to the switch stack, the stack applies either the provisioned configuration or the default configuration. This table lists the events that occur when the switch stack compares the provisioned configuration with the provisioned switch.

The switch stack applies the provisioned configuration to the provisioned switch and adds it to the stack. The switch stack applies the default configuration to the provisioned switch and adds it to the stack. The stack master assigns a new stack member number to the provisioned switch.

If you add a provisioned switch that is a different type than specified in the provisioned configuration to a powered-down switch stack and then apply power, the switch stack rejects the now incorrect switch stack-member-number provision type global configuration command in the startup configuration file. However, during stack initialization, the nondefault interface configuration information in the startup configuration file for the provisioned interfaces potentially of the wrong type is executed.

Depending Failed (X-Mix) the differences between the actual switch type and the previously provisioned switch type, some commands are rejected, and some commands are accepted. If the switch stack does not contain a provisioned configuration for a new switch, the switch joins the stack with the default interface configuration.

The switch stack then adds to its running configuration with a switch stack-member-number provision type global configuration command that matches the new switch. When a provisioned switch in a switch stack fails, it is removed from the stack, and is replaced with another switch, the stack applies either the provisioned configuration or the default configuration to it.

The events that occur when the switch stack compares the provisioned configuration with the provisioned switch are the same as those when you add a provisioned switch to a stack. If you remove a provisioned switch from the switch stack, the configuration associated with the removed stack member remains in the running configuration as provisioned information.

To completely remove the configuration, use the no switch stack-member-number provision global configuration command. Each software image includes a stack protocol version. The stack protocol version has a major version number and a minor version number for example 1.

Both version numbers determine the level of compatibility among the stack members. You can display the stack protocol version by using the show platform stack manager all privileged EXEC command. Switches with the same Cisco IOS software version have the same stack protocol version. Such switches are fully compatible, and all features function properly across the switch stack. A switch with the same Cisco IOS software version as the stack master can immediately join the switch stack.

If an incompatibility exists, the fully functional stack members generate a system message that describes the cause of the incompatibility on the specific stack members. The stack master sends the message to all Failed (X-Mix) members. Switches with different major Cisco IOS software versions usually have different stack protocol versions. Switches with different major version numbers are incompatible and cannot exist in the same switch stack. Switches with the same major version number but with a different minor version number are considered partially compatible.

When connected to a switch stack, a partially compatible switch enters version-mismatch VM mode and cannot join the stack as a fully functioning member. The software detects the mismatched software and tries to upgrade or downgrade the switch in VM mode with the switch stack image or with a tar file image from the switch stack flash memory.

The software uses the Failed (X-Mix) upgrade auto-upgrade and the automatic advise auto-advise features. The port LEDs on switches in version-mismatch mode will also remain off. Pressing the Mode button does not change the LED mode. The purpose of the auto-upgrade feature is to allow a switch to be upgraded to a compatible software image, so that the switch can join the switch stack. When a new switch attempts to join a switch stack, each stack member performs compatibility checks with itself and the new switch.

Each stack member sends the results of the compatibility checks to the stack masterwhich uses the results to determine whether the switch can join the switch stack. If the software on the new switch is incompatible with the switch stack, the new switch enters version-mismatch VM mode. If the auto-upgrade feature is enabled on the new switch, the stack master automatically upgrades the new switch with the same software image running on a compatible stack member.

Auto-upgrade starts a few minutes after the mismatched software is detected before starting. By default, auto-upgrade is enabled the boot auto-copy-sw global configuration command is enabled. You can disable auto-upgrade by using the no boot auto-copy-sw global configuration command on the stack master. You can check the status of auto-upgrade by using the show boot privileged EXEC command and by checking the Auto upgrade line in the display.

The auto-upgrade auto-copy and auto-extract processes start a few minutes after the mismatched software is detected. When the auto-upgrade process is complete, the new switch reloads and joins the stack as a fully functioning member. If you have both stack cables connected during the reload, network downtime does not occur because the switch stack operates on two rings.

Automatic advise auto-advise occurs when the auto-upgrade process cannot find appropriate stack member software to copy to the new switch. This process tells you the command archive copy-sw or archive download-sw privileged EXEC command and the image name tar filename needed to manually upgrade the switch stack or the new switch. The recommended image can be the running switch stack image or a tar file in any flash file system in the switch stack including the new switch.

If an appropriate image is not found in the stack flash file systems, the auto-advise process tells you to install new software on the switch stack. Auto-advise cannot be disabled, and there is no command to check its status. When you add a switch that has a different minor version number to the switch stack, the software displays messages in sequence assuming that there are no other system messages generated by the switch.

This example shows that the switch stack detected a new switch that is running a different minor version number than the switch stack. Auto-copy starts, finds suitable software to copy from a stack member to the switch in VM mode, upgrades the switch in VM mode, and then reloads it:.

Auto-copy starts but cannot find software in the switch stack to copy to the VM-mode switch to make it compatible with the switch stack. The auto-advise process starts and recommends that you download a tar file from the network to the switch in VM mode:. Auto-advise and auto-copy identify which images are running by examining the info file and by searching the directory structure on the switch stack. If you download your image by using the copy tftp: boot loader command instead of the archive download-sw privileged EXEC command, the proper directory structure is not created.

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