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Download Hold On To Me - Freaks On Floor - Waves (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Not On Label (Freaks On Floor Self-released) - none • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Lithuania • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock

Now, which one influenced the other one? Who cares actually? Both are giants. Hocus Pocus. Naturally, as a kid, this song held my attention. I remember pseudo-yodelling with the neighbor boys, and a prepubescent can do a surprising approximation of van Leer.

The whistles, accordian and warp-speed gibberish sections are certainly entertaining, but it all works because this song ROCKS. That guitar riff is good enough to prop up the song for nearly 7 minutes. Le Clochard. Reminds me of something up Hackett's alley. I have always enjoyed this song. There may not me much substance, but the melody is perfectly suited to the flute, and the harmonies are memorable. Moving Waves. Certainly an odd choice for a title track.

It's some sort of imagist song, but so uniquely Focus that somehow it fits. Focus II. Continuing the Focus series, this holds up the series quality in fine form and is a great piece of songwriting.

A beautiful guitar chorus leads to an upbeat, game-show-type section, to a bluesy build for the finale. A very tight performance by all members here.

Clearly Focus had some work to do in preparing for their magnum opus, Hamburger Concerto. This piece has some great moments, though transitions and flow are obvious flaws. The churchy intro is enjoyable, though it could be a bit more livelier or build more effectively to what comes next: a classic in-your-face Focus guitar and keyboard jam. This is inspired stuff, but the piece dies down with about 8 minutes left and really loses Refrains to close the epic are a good idea, but any suspense and engagement has long been spent.

A solid album that provides a different aspect of Focus from Hamburger Concerto. I would consider both of these albums as essential to any comprehensive prog collection, though Moving Waves is certainly not in masterpiece territory.

The original A-side of the album opens with one of Focus' best known numbers: 'Hocus Pocus': heavy instrumental rock with virtuoso solos AND virtuoso yodelling. When my friends and I discovered this track in the seventies, we indulged in cheerful head-banging AND had a laugh - there aren't many rock songs that will allow for both experiences at the same time! The A-side continues strongly with 'Le Clochard' ultra-romantic acoustic guitar delightfully accompanied by mellotron and with 'Janis', an upbeat Album) tune written by guitarist Jan Akkerman which, to Focus' credit, sounds totally unlike Jethro Tull.

The title track itself sounds boring to my ears, but 'Focus 2' is probably the greatest symphonic-prog instrumental dominated by electric guitar to ever come out of Holland: truly beautiful, highly inventive, always carries me away, whenever I hear it! Such a brilliant A-side raises expectations, which - unfortunately - are not quite fulfilled by 'Eruption', the minute suite on the B-side.

To start with, its mournful main theme played on guitar sounds irritating the first time you hear it, and it gets repeated so often in between the suite's better bits it really gets on your nerves.

Fortunately, Eruption's subsidiary theme faster and organ-dominated is far more fun, and in the middle of the suite there's a grand symphonic moment where Akkerman performs a stately instrumental ballad once again accompanied on mellotron which might have given Carlos Santana the basic idea for his equally solemn 'Europe'.

This lovely melody is followed by two brilliant hard-rocking solos, one by Akkerman on guitar and one by Van Leer on Hammond organ. To finish the whole thing off, there is yet more repetition of the initial theme. Three stars and a half. While the majority of fans, as evidenced by polls and discussions in the Prog Archives forum, will rightly in my opinion go for "Hamburger Concerto" as the best Focus album, the view on whether "Moving Waves" sometimes simply called "Focus 2" or "Focus three" was their next best, tends to be more divided.

For me, "Moving waves" takes the plaudits, being far more focused than its rambling and indulgent successor. While on the face of it, this is simply a follow up to the band's first album "In and out of Focus", the truth is rather more complex. After the release of that album, guitarist Jan Akkerman left the band, forming a new group.

Thijs Van Leer retained the Focus name, but when the 2 remaining members of Focus moved on, he joined Akkerman's band, bringing the Focus name with him! The bottom line was that in personnel terms, the core of Van Leer and Akkerman remained intact, with the rhythm section being replaced. The change though was significant as it meant that Akkerman was now the band leader moving the focus if you will!

With "Moving Waves" Focus came close to making a classic album. It is hard to imagine now how original this track was when it was first set loose on an unsuspecting public. The driving guitars, intermittent yodelling and screaming, and sundry sound effects all combine to produce an amazing piece of rock history. The track is not exactly typical of Focus or indeed the album, but every home should have one.

After this, we have four brief tracks to complete the first side of the album. Although Van Leer is centre stage here, this is an Akkerman composition. The title track is a rare vocal track sung by Thijs who adds his own melody to the words of Inayat Khan. While there are nuances of jazz and perhaps even classical music in the track, it is firmly rooted in rock. In another ironic twist, while guitar is the dominant instrument here, Van Leer receives the writing credit.

The second side of the album is devoted to the 23 minute "Eruption" in 5 parts, each of which is further divided into two to four sections. This entirely instrumental suite is far tighter than the following "Focus 3" album, with much more in common with the delightful "Hamburger concerto". Various themes come and go, some being developed through improvisation. The section called "Tommy" for example which was extracted as a single has nothing to do with The Who, the name being derived from the name of the composer.

Drummer Pierre van der Linden also receives a writing credit for his contribution. In all, the suite works very well, captivating the attention and retaining it throughout. There is no wasted space or stretched out filler in the form of unfocused jazz here see "Focus 3" ; well apart from the superfluous drum solo! In summary, "Moving waves" is Focus best album after "Hamburger Concerto". Hocus LP with its wild guitar riff, amazing flute and hysterical Van Leer's yodeling is now a classic of metallic heavy rocking.

This time vocals are used more sparsely and in a more effective way than on the debut album - now they are reduced to mere instrumental purpose, save for the brief lyrics in the title track, which resembles a nice classical music piece led by piano.

Focus II brings some rather elaborated and inspired jazz-rock improvisations where Akkerman's guitar is simply unbeatable. The side-long suite Eruption continues with more improvisational jams and several more amazing solo parts by Akkerman there are certain SANTANA-like jamsalthough the entire composition 23 min.

Nevertheless, Moving Waves is absolutely essential album in the progressive rock catalog! This absolutely smolders with Akkerman peeling the paint with his scorching guitar solos. The new drummer asserts himself once and for all on this track, he is incredible. The organ is a nice touch, but it's not his organ play on this song that draws most of the attention to Van Leer, it's his yodelling! I have never got tired of this track, and it's placed perfectly as the opening song.

Van Leer adds some beautiful mellotron waves to add to the mood. It's the incredible, emotional flute playing of Van Leer that is so moving. The tempo shifts as mellotron comes in and then more wondrous guitar. A Jazz flavour after 2 minutes as mellotron returns before piano, guitar, bass and drums end it.

It opens with mournful guitar melodies as organ can be heard in the background. This theme is repeated later in the song a few times. It becomes more energetic 2 minutes in before the mournful opening guitar and organ returns 3 minutes in. Akkerman sounds outstanding on guitar 7 minutes in as the mellotron waves float along for what seems like minutes it's not.

Aggressive sounds return including some scorching guitar. Beautiful section. They're back to the opening melody again 21 minutes in. Piano, organ and tasteful guitar create an uplifting final section as flute joins in like it did earlier. Through this second album Focus confirmed their music style and textures having relied more on the instrumental work using guitar, keyboard and dynamic drumming. Of course, the classical music influences are here and there and they are quite intense in influences from classical music.

Focus II was intended as icon of the album but unfortunately it's not that solid in composition. The key, in addition to Hocus Pocus, is an epic that consumes 23 minutes of duration: Eruption. This epic at the beginning part showcases excellent work of guitar and drumming throughout musical segments this epic offers. Even though the epic lacks catchy melody, the composition is quite solid.

Overall, it's an excellent addition to any prog music collection. Keep on proggin'.! The music is more instrumentally based than the debut. The exception is of course the strange yodelling parts in Hocus Pocus which is also one of the standout tracks on the album. The main riff is repeated too many times though and the song seems a bit repetitive IMO. There are some great variations between the main theme though.

Le Chochard and the way too romantic Janis is not really my taste and the same can be said about the vocal based title track while Focus II is another highlight here for me. The minute long Eruption ends the album. The musicianship is excellent. The production is good. Warm and pleasant. Note the drum sound which is outstanding IMO. This is a good album even though I do get bored one or two times along the way. Focus has many of the elements I enjoy about progressive rock in their music but the most important element for me is still the compositions and how they are structured.

Le Clocharde Main theme of the Jan. Soft, beautiful and emotional. Janis Flutes, several of them. More touching a theme of Dutch. The melodies emulate the soul to interact more and dream a little. In this issue of the low serious Cyril Havermanns has highlighted melodic. Moving Waves Atonal? Melodicamente wrong? That exists? This is Moving Waves on piano and voice of Thijs Van Leer, we have the most sincere, beautiful and sensational already composed.

Challenge you to listen without being rough and without paying full attention, and depending on the case to be sad with her. Focus II The 'Focus' are compositions that always accompany the band, including a solo album that I have of Thijs Van Leer where he plays flute unfortunately only have it in Lp.

Focus on this issue is a pleasant surprise of melody that is difficult to explain, but very beautiful. The guitars give a show in the entire track. The second issue is even more beautiful, the melody of the guitar reaches the heart, soul and leads to the presence that would be divine if I came to believe him. Sometimes it's just what we need to cure the ills of the body and soul.

Nothing more! What I can say is that this monstrous Album) more than 23 minutes is sensational and tires in no time. Orchestrated the opening of guitars, organ of the church, the Hammond. Everything here is very well arranged and tied at no time is paraecendo different compositions that are embedded, but a single piece solid and without holes, a complete 'Wall'.

Some Vocalizations for further increasing the tone of talking to the sound. Sensational subject of guitar again. Nice to meet you Jan Akkerman. Part of madness, doidera staff in general, faster, more crazy, some guitar riffs and low together, after the keyboard and guitar. Why did so between the guitar break on top of a base sensational, Album), the Hammond organ in Thijs is always an extra in the sound of the guys.

After the soil around the theme. Ai is the time to get heavy keyboard and guitar make the most basic legal I ever saw. And we are only half the issue.

Fine interventions and also of low battery. The guitar around the theme of Hocus Pocus momentarily. Then a beautiful part of piano and guitar takes care of the environment.

Vocalizations typical monasteries that weather guy, that climate. Without crisis! Focus of the guys invited to a tea of mint. The theme quiet and beautiful back on top at the end of the song. This is epic, this is perfect! This is Focus. What we have here? A classic. The Focus is not so well known, people know but do not hear.

Here is the chance to hear a classic. This second album kicks off with their best-known rocker, 'Hocus Pocus', with the fiery guitar riff and Thijs van Leer's yodling and the sequence of bizarre nonsense singing. All crazy but it makes one happy somehow.

Luckily the rest of the album is not as rocking but concentrates on the calmer and more beautiful side of Album) band. Jan Akkerman shines on acoustic guitar and Thijs on flute.

The title track is an ethereal piano ballad, very artistic and could easily be put in the art music genre.

Original second side of the vinyl is one long instrumental epic some wordless background humming is included. Subtitles reveal some sort of narrative about Orfeus and Euridice. One could see how there are certain motifs for each character that are repeated over the 23 minutes' length, but without knowing the myth the narrative level remains distant to the listener, I'm afraid. That naturally doesn't make it any harder to enjoy the music as pure music.

I'm giving this full rating because it's very rare for me to enjoy an album sincerely from the first second to the last. My opinion on this album really echoes a majority opinion here, so I won't go into too much detail.

The album in it's entirety is for those who like to listen to music for relaxation purposes, not to mention the ones that can stomach classical music. The title track is the only sung song on the album as the other pieces don't have or contain wordless vocals. At best, the instrumental interplay is tight, but at worst it just bores.

It jaunts, taunts and flaunts as it soars with ecstatic drum solos, Jethro Tull-esque flute moments, yodelling, gibberish and the gawking guitar bits. There's an epic here, but it's mostly boring to me.

Too many soft mellotrons, uninteresting drum solos, stagnant tempos and subpar ELP-like outbursts. The bluesy jam in the middle is nothing short of spectacular with one of the best guitar solos I've ever heard, although the backing instruments help propel the song further.

I only pull this out for ''Hocus Pocus'' and the bluesy jam, that is unless I'm driving my car. The symph lover with an immense taste for classical music will want this, but those who want rock in their prog will only care for the two tracks that I mentioned. The CD that I own of this was released by I. I supposed they took a bit more care with this release, as it contained the band's only U. As a teenager I loved Hocus Pocusmostly for it's high energy guitar and drums, and secondly for the weird yodeling sections.

Now, I like it, but the novelty has Album) off. I liten to it occasionally, but not often. The remainder of the songs on what was side 1 of the LP are mostly forgettable, ranging from soft ballads to light fusion. Eruption is, to me, the album's reason for being. At just over twenty-three minutes, this suite is one of the band's best reasons for inclusion on this site.

It has classical references, jamming sections, soft baroque sections. And unlike many suite epics, they flow effortlessly from one section to another. Just don't expect blazing virtuosity.

Ben Hockenhull. Paul Taylor. Hemlock Andashes. Bryant Ross. Callum Lewis-Smith. Van DeLisle. The Rodent Hour. Lil Dog. Tommy Mitchell. Tom Jacobsen. Levi Jones. Michael Hueser. Jim Sallee. Stefano Foschini. Alan Alise. Nate Query. Darrel Hess. Robert Maril. Purchasable with gift card.

Limited edition LP pressed on gram opaque natural vinyl. Cover painting by Amanda Kirkhuff. Graphic design by Elizabeth Daggar, Electrofork. Full color lyric sheet. Guaranteed Broken Heart I dreamed about people in love Running through the streets late at night Looking at the stars up above But it ain't you and it ain't me They're just some random people That I saw on TV 'Cause I won't dream about you I won't let it go that far 'Cause if I can't live without you It's a guaranteed broken heart Most things ain't sure, most things change What was whole comes apart What was broke heals again But one thing I know, one thing I trust Is that you stay the same And you don't love me that much So I won't dream about you I won't let it go that far 'Cause if I can't live without you It's a guaranteed broken heart Don't touch my face Don't say my name Don't smile that smile Don't look at me that way 'Cause I won't dream about you I won't let it go that far 'Cause if I can't live without you It's a guaranteed broken heart.

There You Are Let these vines grow over me Let these branches be my bones Let this sun be all I need Let this dirt become my home But then There you are There you are, there you are, there you are Take this salt and scrub me clean No desire, don't grasp, don't cling Let these waters cover me Let there be a reckoning But then There you are There you are, there you are, there you are If you brought me pain Then pain is what I needed And if I can't be saved Then let me be defeated Because There you are There you are, there you are, there you are.

Jonah and the Whale Rolling Stone. The Making of Americans. Smells Like Records. Guv'ner and Cat Power. Wiiija Records. Consequence of Sound. April 10, Under the Radar. Retrieved September 3, March 23, CS1 maint: others link. Speaking for Trees. Discography Dirty Three. Categories : Discographies of American artists Folk music discographies Rock music group discographies Pop music group discographies.

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