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Which bank should I choose? Get personalized bank recommendations in 3 easy steps. The following will help the readers see things in perspective: It has been the practice with most monks of the Ramakrishna Order in our centres in the West to use western attire especially during travel.

This has been the practice since Swami Vivekananda's visit to the US. This helps them blend with the people instead of being an object of attention. However, they wear their ochre robes when they are in their centres, performing their daily activities, which include conducting worship and giving lectures and classes. In order to provide an idea of Swami Yatiswaranandaji' s style of speaking and voice, recordings of his lectures delivered in various places are provided in the CD enclosed in the back inner flap of the book jacket in the second volume.

While at Bangalore, inhe received from Swami Purushottamananda, tape-recorder reels of Swami Yatiswaranandaji's 16 lectures including one recording of his chanting of Sanskrit versesto convert them to audio cassettes for the Math. He carefully preserved those all these years and finally transferred them to a CD in after some improvements. Swami Raghuramananda of Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore, coordinated with the sound engineers at the well-known Prabhat Studio in Bangalore to further enhance the sound quality of the recordings.

These recordings, we may mention here, were done by various monks and devotees with whatever recording machines available with them. As most of these audio files are NOT studio recordings and were done while a lecture was in progress, there are variations in the quality of the sound and -clarity of recordings. Some of the recordings are quite clear but some are not. Despite our best efforts, the enclosed CD in MP3 format has certain shortcomings which a listener should bear in mind.

It would be appropriate to mention here that soon after Swami Yatiswaranandaji's demise, a few books on his life, teachings and reminiscences were published from Kolkata in Road Charu MarketCalcutta Many of the articles included in this volume have been taken from these two books.

We gratefully acknowledge this initial but significant work done by devoted monks and devotees some 45 years ago. Our thanks are also to Sri Sarada Sevika Mandali, Bangalore, for their consent for including their publication, Letters and Prayers, in this volume.

This book is the result of the collective work which included culling out from old publications, obtaining fresh writings, interviewing, transcribing, and, at times, translating into English, as well as editing done over four years by a number of monks and devotees who took it up as a labour of love and reverence for Swami Yatiswaranandaji.

Narayana Swamy BangaloreSmt. Prabhakara BangaloreDr S. Our thanks also to the team of volunteers at the Vedanta Kesari Office for their help in proofreading the text and in other matters concerning the book. Swami Purushottamananda's reminiscences were posthumously culled out from his various private talks and public speeches by the following monastics of the Ramakrishna Order: Swamis Vedatitananda, Tadyuktananda, Viseshananda, Mahamedhananda, Muktivratananda, Tadvratananda, and Brahmacharis Bhudevachaitanya and Siddharthachaitanya.

We also thank all those who came forward to subsidize the book by their generous contributions. Their kind help not only improved the quality of production but also made the book more affordable to the reader.

On the occasion of Swami Yatiswaranandaji's 12Sth birth year, we are now glad to place this book before our readers. We are sure it will fulfil a long-felt need and serve as a lasting source of inspiration to all spiritual aspirants and, in particular, devotees of the Ramakrishna Order. As a child I had the rare privilege of receiving the blessings of revered Swami Yatiswaranandaji Maharaj hereafter referred to as Revered Maharaj and spending some memorable time in his holy company.

Along with them, there were many instances when III Advice - Various - [email protected] 99 (CD) sister and I were fortunate to be in the presence of Revered Maharaj. I was about four years old when I first had his Darshan and not yet twelve when he left his mortal body. In between were many moments which remain fresh in my memory after all these years, III Advice - Various - [email protected] 99 (CD).

This reminiscence contains many instances which I remember rather clearly and it also contains descriptions of events which I have heard time and again from my parents. Sometime aroundmy father came to admire the Ramakrishna ideology. The visits to the Ashrama soon became regular and frequent and he gradually came in close contact with the monks at the Ashrama. After about four years, my father received a new job offer in the Civil Aviation Department of the Government of India.

His first posting, however, was to Bangalore. This made him very sad because taking up the new job would mean living away from his parents and family. When he shared this feeling with the monastic head of the Sinthi Ashrama, the monk immediately replied: 'You are very fortunate; you will have the opportunity of having the holy company of Swami Yatiswaranandaji-a great monk of our order.

Make full use of this opportunity! My earliest memory of Bangalore is that of going to the Ashrama in Basavanagudi with my father; either with him on his bicycle or in a tonga horse-drawn carriagedriving through a long quiet road with tall trees on both sides.

I would, sometimes, sit with my father in the lecture hall where Revered Maharaj gave his spiritual discourses in English. Although, I did not understand anything that he said, the memory of his serene presence still lingers.

I was particularly fond of the evening Arati vesper service and the Ramanama Sankirtan, where I could join in the singing. On one such occasion as we were about to enter the temple just before the evening service, a Brahmachari stopped us saying 'Children below 8 years are not allowed inside the temple during the arati.

My father, then asked the Brahmachari whether he would let us in if we had the permission from Revered Maharaj. When he said 'Yes', we went together to the office of Revered Maharaj to seek his permission. Maharaj heard my father patiently and then with a smile replied: 'If I permit you won't I have to permit everyone else?

As the Arati service was going on, we noticed that Revered Maharaj came towards the temple. He walked past us saying nothing. The next time when we were readying ourselves to be seated in the same spot in the corridor, the same Brahmachari came to us and told my father: 'It is alright, both of you can be seated inside. Within a month or two of my father's association with III Advice - Various - [email protected] 99 (CD) Bangalore Ashrama, Revered Maharaj had asked him to talk to Somnath Maharaj and fix a date for an interview.

My father then did not have any inkling of what it meant. About a year and half later he felt the urge to receive initiation from Revered Maharaj.

One evening he went to the Ashrama to request Maharaj about the initiation. He was late in reaching and Maharaj had already sat for his evening meditation.

He waited till almost, dinner time when Maharaj came out and heard him. My father wanted initiation just for himself which surprised Maharaj. When he asked him, 'Why? What about Uma my mother? Maharaj, then, instructed that an interview be arranged for my mother. My mother had a one-on-one talk with Revered Maharaj. On the day of the interview-even my father was not present. Revered Maharaj asked her what she thought of Sri Ramakrishna and she poured her heart out telling him of her devotion for Sri Ramakrishna.

She felt as if time stood still and had no idea that almost one hour had passed in conversation. At the end Revered Maharaj suggested that both of them should receive their initiation together. Soon, they were blessed with initiation. A few days later, one evening, just before sunset, as my father stood next to him, Revered Maharaj gripped his upper arm firmly and suddenly said in Bengali:. Never, never! He spoke the last words [parbe na parbe na], 'Never, Never', in a sing-song voice and my father was overwhelmed by the power and conviction of those words.

Soon, our days at Bangalore came to an end, when my father was transferred to Calcutta. As a parting advice Revered Maharaj told him that he should make it a practice of reading a few pages from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, every night, before bed- time. He even suggested that he should read it aloud so that all members of the family including the children could listen. On his first visit to Calcutta after our Bangalore III Advice - Various - [email protected] 99 (CD), when we met Revered Maharaj he asked my father whether he was reading as he had advised.

Unfortunately, my father had not yet purchased the books and Maharaj was not pleased to learn this. When the same lapse was discovered even on his second visit, Revered Maharaj had to severely scold my father. The scolding did the trick and my father soon bought the first two volumes of the Gospel in Bengali and started reading to us from the book every night at bedtime. He continued this practice for many years.

I and my family too continue with this practice as regularly as we can even today. This simple habit has resulted in a lifelong love and reverence for the Gospel in all the members of our family.

In Calcutta, we lived in a place called Dum Dum very near the airport. Every time Revered Maharaj visited Calcutta we would meet him at the airport, both, to receive him and see him off. It did not matter at what time of the day the flight was. At the airport, there would be very few visitors and we would have the opportunity of having personal talks with Revered Maharaj.

He would make it a point to bring a few large bars of Cadbury's chocolate for, us, children. After we offered our Pranam, he would ask Somnath Maharaj to bring them out and distribute them to us!

Sometimes, when there were other visitors, we broke the chocolates into small bits and distributed them to everyone as Prasad and we could see that Revered Maharaj appreciated this very much. A couple of years after moving to Calcutta, my mother was diagnosed with a serious lung-infection.

Doctors were not sure whether it was tubercular and all were worried. When Maharaj came to know of this, he wrote to my mother: 'Follow the instructions of the doctor meticulously. All will be well by the grace of Thakur.


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