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However, she implied that she may have merely used this as an excuse to go on a vacation. She also learned of Rig's status as a likely henchman of MIST, although they were unable to leave for New York, his location, due to Zack taking the helicoper before Hayate and Ayane could board implied to be so he could meet a female companion. Some time afterwards, Ayane caught sight of Honoka dodging a pterosaur in a similar manner to her companion Marie Rose after sparring with her, piquing her suspicions of the girl.

She later encountered Nyotengu, who made advances on her while referring to Ayane's earlier claiming herself as the "Miyama's Woman Tengu", revealing she was the real one before sparring with her. After this setback, Ayane eventually encountered Honoka, and after fending off Marie Rose' and noticing Honoka trying to mimic Ayane's style, she then fought Honoka while expressing interest in her abilities.

She ultimately won against the girl, causing Marie Rose to demand she leave. However, the encounter cemented her suspicions as to Honoka's origins. She later attempted to take Honoka into custody, pinning her with her kunai, although she was forced again to fend off Marie Rose.

She ultimately bested the servant, although the distraction allowed Christie to kidnap Honoka. Marie Rose attempted to contact Honoka and, although Ayane pointed out that Honoka likely wouldn't be allowed to answer her phone, she received a text citing the MIST lab's location, which the two subsequently work together to infilitrate. There they encountered the head researcher, NiCOwho Ayane held off to allow Marie Rose to go after Honoka, even using one of her kunais to jam the shutters long enough for her to get through.

She then bested NiCO in battle, although NiCO then revealed she had actually been expecting Ayane due to suspecting that Ayane and Honoka had similar abilities and were in fact half-sisters. The researcher then subdued Ayane with her shock gloves, although not before Ayane sent two butterfly familiars to her family as SOS transmissions requesting their assistance.

Ayane and Honoka were then forced to revive their father, Raidou. NiCO was set to dispose of them when Kasumi arrived. However, NiCO had anticipated this and brainwashed Ayane into thinking Kasumi had betrayed the clan, thus forcing the half-sisters to fight. Kasumi ultimately prevailed, with Ayane losing consciousness shortly thereafter.

While being carried out, Ayane noticed Honoka's unconscious body, and the sight of her being injured was enough to give her a second wind, prompting her to furiously pursue Raidou alongside the rest of her family. She then fought the revived Raidou and, alongside her half-siblings, destroyed him. Afterwards, she collapsed and had to be helped back to the village by Hayate. Sometime afterwards, she was sent to investigate the Venus Islands for reasons never made clear. While tanning, she encountered the owner of the island, and agreed to act as his partner for setting up the Venus Festival, thinking she'd probably pull it off while investigating the island.

Ayane is of petite height, with a slender and athletic frame and, despite being one of the youngest girls in the Dead or Alive series, she bears one of the largest busts out of all the women. Originally, she was designed with a round face, with a small button-nose and wide eyes. As of Dead or Alive 5her face is now oval-shaped and her eyes have been slightly narrowed but she doesn't appear too different from her former design. Her appearance is one of the most distinctive out of the fighters, due to her striking red eyes and straight purple hair, which is cut to the nape of her neck, with a front fringe, and is tied back with her favorite dark-purple bandana.

In the first Dead or Alivesome of her costumes showed her with strawberry-blonde hair and in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round some of her costumes all of them referencing characters from other franchises change her hair to blonde, light purple, dark blue or light blue. As of Last Round, she has a total of three main hairstyles: her default one with and without the bandanaa short ponytail with decorative ribbon that is similar to Kasumi's, and short low pigtails.

For her Gust DLC she wears a hairstyle that is basically her normal hair without a bandana but she has a long thin ponytail "extension" in the back as well to keep in line with the character she is cosplaying as. She also received long pale purple twintails tied with ninja shuriken hair decorations for her Senran Kagura DLC costume, where she dresses as Yagyu.

Ayane's most iconic costume is a dark purple, strapless dress with a pink butterfly printed on the skirt complete with matching pull-on sleeves, stockings, heeled boots, and a giant red or orange obi bow tied around her hips.

Other recurring costumes for Ayane include a purple shozoku, Japanese school uniform, and the training dummy costume, originally from the Sega Saturn version of the first Dead or Alive. Her corset suit is now black with a purple trim which is connected to her gray tights and black knee-high boots. Her long black ninja gloves are now extended below her shoulders and is no longer fingerless which is covered with light purple fabric. Mostly due to the way she was treated as a child, Ayane possesses a detached, cynical outlook on life and is completely driven by the desire to prove to herself and others that she is better than those that condemned her.

As a result, she turned into a determined, strong, and deadly young woman, earning her the nickname "Female Tengu. It should be noted that she despises anyone or anything reminding her of the past.

Due to her more cynical outlook, she at times can be deeply sarcastic, such as when greeting Leifang during the Tamabata festival with more barbed remarks, as well as telling a defeated opponent they should watch their opponent when fighting. Similarly, she is not used to people giving her friendly interactions, as can be implied by her interactions with Luna, Misaki and Honoka.

She does form working relationships with those around her and even loving and emotional relationships, such as her admiration for Hayate and her father-daughter relationship with Genra. However, these relationships are so important and meaningful to her that they seem to be her only emotional support and her reason for living. For example, after losing Genra and Hayate becoming angry with her, she tried to commit suicide. This quick decision to take her life at the thought of losing Hayate's love might be a sign of a more emotionally unstable side to Ayane.

Like most of the other shinobi in the series, she is devoted to what she believes in and follows the code of her clan with all her heart, willing to take on any task for her village, even if it means she could die doing so. This could relate to Ayane as she Is Btoafa Still Alive?

- Various - Atension Conection (CD) seen as a skilled, naturally-born kunoichi. Ayane and Kasumi are both half-sisters and cousins; sharing the same biological mother, with Ayane's father also being Kasumi's paternal uncle. Kasumi's mother, Ayame, was raped by Raidou, thus conceiving Ayane. As children they were close friends and, despite the village's negative views of Ayane, they enjoyed playing together, even sharing the same hairstyle.

Kasumi when undergoing a ghost festival with Ayane and recalling their past also implied that the latter often hid behind her when they were younger. Due to her age, she never realized why the other villagers treated her so badly. However, after learning the circumstances of her birth, Ayane became intensely bitter and jealous of Kasumi because Ayane was treated like the "demon child" of the village while Kasumi was treated like a princess and had years receiving all of Hayate's affection.

Ayane was not aware that Kasumi, like herself, had also been kept in the dark about Ayane's origins and had no idea that her purple-haired playmate was her half-sister. When Kasumi ran away to avenge Hayate, Ayane was finally able to express her now deep hatred toward Kasumi when she was sent to kill her for leaving the village. Subsequently, she also tried to keep Kasumi away from Hayate as much as possible to add to Kasumi's pain of having to be separated from her beloved brother.

Ayane's hatred, however, was always one-sided. Although Kasumi, out of exasperation, was shown to treat Ayane with a superior tone and even slaps her in anger when Ayane calls her abilities insufficient and even calls her father sick for choosing her, which causes the two of them to tensely stare off for a while, she is shown to still truly care for her half-sister. In Dead or Alive: Dimensionswhen Ayane attacks Raidou and is easily knocked down, Kasumi rushes to her aid and helps her up, though Ayane seems hardly affected by this.

Despite Ayane only expressing commitment to kill Kasumi and complete her duties, Kasumi never killed her despite always overpowering her, only fighting her when absolutely necessary and being constantly cordial with her younger sister, with the two times she openly acknowledged the gap between their skills being solely to intimidate Ayane, to no avail.

In some games, before fighting Ayane, Kasumi may ask, "Why? However, over time, her envy and hatred of Kasumi slowly abated since their circumstances have changed. Due to the events of Dead or Alive 3 and Genra's passing, Ayane became the new Hajinmon master of the Mugen Tenshin clan, respected and feared alike, and Kasumi was the nukenin - the outcast of the village. In Dead or Alive Xtreme 2Kasumi and Ayane seem to have started to develop a more friendly relationship with each other.

In Dead or Alive 5when Ayane and Hayate are about to fight Alpha, Ayane stops Kasumi from joining the battle by throwing a kunai at her feet.

Kasumi quietly grants Ayane's silent request to fight alongside Hayate. At the end of the ordeal, Kasumi and Ayane are seemingly at peace, as both sisters finally smile at each other instead of killing each other. Kasumi returns Ayane's kunai with a word of thanks before she sets off to track down Donovan. Kasumi finds the unconscious Ayane, who becomes possessed, fighting Kasumi while calling her a "traitor" it is heavily implied that this was due to NiCO brainwashing Ayane.

After she was defeated by Kasumi, Ayane returns to normal and the two alongside Hayate later worked together to defeat a revived Raidou for good. In Dead or Alive Xtreme 3however, she still seemed to be pursuing Kasumi per her clan's directives, acting as the main reason why she went to the revived New Zack Island.

However, it was heavily implied that she only took the mission as an excuse to go on a vacation or protect her so no one would find her. In addition, they also worked together for a ghost festival, and Ayane had also personally requested Kasumi to aid her in helming the sisters' quarrel festival. Although Hayate and Ayane didn't know that they were half-siblings for the first few years of their lives, the connection between them is strong, albeit somewhat ambiguous.

As children, Hayate was one of the few people who did not treat Ayane as a social pariah. This, combined with the man's skill, resolve, and position in the clan, led Ayane to admire Hayate greatly and to become fiercely loyal to him, a fact made clear by her calling him "Master Hayate". Her loyalty to Hayate is so extreme that she at one point nearly committed suicide when she thought she had failed him and hence had lost his trust.

Ayane's exact feelings for Hayate are a matter of debate. Her respect for him is obvious, and the friendship and bond the two share is apparent. However, whether or not she is romantically in love with her half-brother, as some fans have speculated since the release of Dead or Alive 2is unknown; nowhere is this stated or even heavily hinted at within the series's mythos, and any supposed evidence of this assertion could just as easily be evidence of an altogether different form of affection.

Regardless of their exact relationship, the two remain at each other's side, looking out for and protecting one another. In tag battle, they are considered main partners since Dead or Alive 3sharing two tag team animations, calling for each other when tagging, and have opening and winning sequences. At first, Ayane did not seem fond of Eliot. The ninja was annoyed by the young boy's negative attitude and lack of self confidence, resulting in her giving him a slap and a reprimand.

However, much to her surprise, he thanked her for the advice and discipline. After blocking her slap which was targeted at Brad while simultaneously knocking Brad over, Eliot impressed her with his improvement and taking control of the situation.

Eliot was hoping to see Ayane in the tournament, but it is uncertain if they've met after that. During this time, Ayane was far calmer and much less biting than their previous encounter.

Despite sharing Hayate's lack of regard for the actual DOA tournament, when Elliot asks her if she was participating, she gives a coy 'We'll see She now seems to have some sort of respect for Eliot as a fighter, as he admires her for her great fighting abilities. In Tag Mode Eliot maintains calling for her when she tags, but now with the addition of an opening and winning sequence to the pair.

Hitomi bows thanking Ayane for the fight. Ayane's denial in accepting Hitomi as her fighting equal. Their relationship is complicated.

Hitomi possibly holds Ayane at a higher esteem, acknowledging their martial arts skills are equal and that Ayane is Hayate's younger sister. The complication lies more in Ayane's perception, but Ayane is warming up to Hitomi due to Hayate's fondness of her. While working on the Freedom Survivor as a waitress, she reunites with Ein and meets Ayane. When Hitomi asks her if she's Kasumi, the ninja is angered by Hitomi's mistaking her for a sibling whom she has "bad blood" with and fights Hitomi.

After the fight, Ayane is surprised that Hitomi's karate is equal to her ninjitsu. In Dead or Alive 5Ayane recognizes her in the wild. Hitomi claims to be practicing, Is Btoafa Still Alive? - Various - Atension Conection (CD), but Ayane ponders and then chastises her choice of clothing for training before the two fight. In Dead or Alive 5 Ultimatethey have gained a complicated unity.

They now share an opening and winning sequence in their tag battles based on their meeting during the story. Their interactions clearly point out Ayane's denial in accepting Hitomi as her fighting equal, but nonetheless, they co-operate in battle. Hitomi, in spite of her honesty, seems to appear victim to Ayane's cynical attitude: in their opening sequence, Hitomi asks if she is training for the tournament, to which Ayane remarks "Don't make me laugh", although this does not faze Hitomi in the least.

In the winning sequence, Hitomi bows and thanks her for being her tag partner, to which Ayane remarks that she has to improve her skills, which doesn't seem to faze Hitomi either.

Ayane's remark is possibly based on Hitomi becoming runner up in the tournament and some denial in accepting Is Btoafa Still Alive? - Various - Atension Conection (CD) as equal in fighting ability. In Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus VacationAyane and Hitomi largely got along, with Ayane even asking the latter for advice regarding how to deal with a newcomer. Since no one cared for Ayane, Genra took her in as if she was his own daughter.

As a result, Genra was both her father figure and ninjutsu master. As such, Genra was also responsible for revealing the true circumstances behind Ayane's birth, and thus was indirectly responsible for Ayane's falling out and later feud with her half-sister Kasumi. After his betrayal of the clan, Ayane felt it was her responsibility and decided to go after Genra, though she did agree to do it with Hayate and Hayabusa's help.

Many Jean Plaidy books Is Btoafa Still Alive? - Various - Atension Conection (CD) published under different titles in the United States. Her trilogies were also later republished as single books, often under different titles than those shown. Jean Plaidy historical novels were welcomed by readers who found them to be an easy way to gain insight into a sweeping panorama of European history.

It was common for school girls in England to read these in history lessons, whilst hiding them behind their proper text books. In the last decade of the 20th century, historical fiction went out of fashion. Jean Plaidy titles went out of print. Kahan bought the reprint rights to ten Jean Plaidy novels.

The books were published in paperback with new titles, modern covers and a readers' guide at the back. The first printing of 30, copies of each book sold out in 3 months.

Victoria Holt books proved popular with the reading public and many of them made it to bestseller lists. Hibbert won loyalty from large numbers of women readers who passed along their copies to the next generation of women in their family. Hibbert described her heroines as "women of integrity and strong character" who were "struggling for liberation, fighting for their own survival.

Her novel Mistress of Mellyn single-handedly revived the Gothic romance genre. Even male authors like Tom E. Huff and Julian Fellowes succumbed to the trend and wrote romances under female pseudonyms. Victoria Holt novels became best-sellers. Inwhen gothic mania was at its peak, The Secret Woman became one of the top 10 best-selling books in the United States. By the early s gothic novels outsold all other genres in paperback fiction, including mysteriesscience fiction and Westerns.

This coincided with consolidation within the publishing industry where paperbacks and hardcover publishers were brought together under the same corporate parent for the first time.

More sophisticated marketing efforts led to placement in grocery and drugstore checkout aisles, where they found their target audience: educated, middle-class women with a reading habit. Hibbert's romance novels were clean; at the most the main characters exchanged smouldering looks of longing. However, by the sexual revolution had made explicit description more acceptable. In Aprilthe romance novel The Flame and the Flower took advantage of this change in trend and revolutionized the historical romance genre by detailing physical intimacy between the protagonists.

Another such novel, Sweet Savage Lovethat followed in cemented the trend. A new genre was thus born, dubbed the 'sweet savage romance' or the 'bodice ripper' because of the heaving, partly exposed bosom often pictured on the cover. Interest in Hibbert's clean romances declined.

Ina critic complained that Victoria Holt's heroines "must be a little bit dumb or they won't get themselves into such improbable messes in the first place. By the early s, Gothic romances were no longer as popular as a decade earlier. Readers demanded more sex and adventure in their romance novels. Publishers created paperback imprints like Silhouette and Candlelight Ecstasy simply to satisfy the enormous demand for "bodice rippers" and "hot historicals".

Bowing to the changing times, Hibbert wrote The Demon Lovera Victoria Holt novel, in a style that borrowed several elements from the plot of Sweet Savage Love : forced seduction of a naive girl by a powerful man ending in marriage, set against a background of turmoil in war time. Critics congratulated the move: "Her latest, 'The Demon Lover', is a straight romance with sexual passion, which is currently 'in'. It has no suspense: the thrilling twists and turns of plot that marked her Gothic novels are no more.

InHibbert died. In the closing years of the 20th century, Victoria Holt titles were made available in large print, audiobook and Braille formats. Foreign language translations in European languages, Japanese, Sinhalese and Thai were also published that year. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Victoria Holt.

Eleanor Hibbert. Joseph Burford father Alice Louise Tate mother. Biography portal. One of my greatest pleasures was, and still is, exploring London. There were old tennis-courts — the Tudor kind where Henry VIII was said to have played; and gardens filled with winter heather, jasmine and yellow chrysanthemums. It all set me going, it all started Is Btoafa Still Alive? - Various - Atension Conection (CD) there. I never think of the money I'm making.

When I finish one book I start on the next. If I take even a week's break I just feel miserable. It's like a drug. Writing excites me. I live all my characters and never have any trouble thinking of plots of how people would have said something because I'm them when I'm writing.

Every writer does. It's really a matter of finding out what the public wants. Rebecca is the atmospheric suspense type of book mine are. Number of books written per decade under different pseudonyms. Uneasy Lies the Head a. Courting Her Highness. Myself My Enemy a. But in this case, I was not just a fan mourning the loss of all those great novels, I was actually in a position to do something about it.

Danse MacabreRooms at Mrs. Early in the plot, the woman is Is Btoafa Still Alive? - Various - Atension Conection (CD) against her will and there is sex throughout the story. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience. The Miracle at St. Archived from the original on 20 September Retrieved 18 April The New York Times.

The Guardian UK. Book and Magazine Collector The House of a Thousand Lanterns. London: Collins. Retrieved 2 September Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. The Sydney Morning Herald. The Independent. Long May She Reign".

Romantic Times. Login Verification. For Your Protection Secure Login From the two choices below, please select the "Public Computer" option if this is not a device you use regularly. This is a public computer This is a private computer. Remember me. When visiting MyJanney.


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  1. The album was released concurrently with their joint tour, in which they played 40 shows in North America during January and February Later that year, the live album Before the Flood was released, which documents the tour. During this time, the Band brought in Planet Waves producer Rob Fraboni to help design a music studio for the Roots rock, Americana, folk rock, country rock.
  2. Eleanor Alice Hibbert (née Burford; 1 September – 18 January ) was an English author who combined imagination with facts to bring history alive through novels of fiction and was a prolific writer who published several books a year in different literary genres, each genre under a different pen name: Jean Plaidy for fictionalized history of European royalty; Victoria Holt Born: Eleanor Alice Burford, 1 September , Canning .
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