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When the house was turned over to the family, the suitcase was no longer there, family representatives said. Police also apparently removed a broken window pane - John Ramsey reportedly told investigators he had broken it in the summer of when he returned from a business trip and didn't have a key. I might, you know, have a wrapping session, you know, Room To Let (Patsy), of Christmas things in there, so maybe a couple of times before Christmas.

Probably before Christmas. And I said why.? She said to tell him it's a hard job to raise this much money and use the time. But you must talk to JonBenet Did you ever go down to the basement? I went I was by myself. There's three windows across here There was pane glass broken out of it, which I attributed to breaking myself I don't know why, but I closed it I latched it I don't think I looked anywhere else. Did you tell anybody about that? I mean part of what is going on, you're in such a state of disbelief this can happen.

And the, you know, the window had been broken out. And you say, hah, that's it. But it was a window that I had used to get into the house before. It was cracked and open a little bit. It wasn't terribly unusual for me. Sometimes it would get opened to let cool air in because that basement could get real hot in winter The suitcase was unusual. That shouldn't have been there. I took that suitcase downstairs, I remember. But I sure wouldn't have taken it all the way back there and put it against the window.

I'm You walked into that train room? Did you look at any of the closets or in any other areas? Thirty seconds to a minute.

It was probably some time between seven and nine. I explained to Fleet that this window had been cracked open and I closed it It really wasn't much. We had only found one or two. One showed a chair blocking the door into the train room in the basement. To get to the broken window in the cellar, someone has to go through that door. Ramsey found the chair blocking the entranceway during his first search of Room To Let (Patsy) basement, moved it and then moved it back, he said.

The information cast some doubt on the intruder theory. I go down, I say, "Ooh, that door is blocked. I had to move the chair. I mean if this person is that bizarrely clever to have not left any good evidence, but left all these little funny clues around, they Her eyes were closed, I feared the worse yet I'd found her and she was back in our safe protection again.

And yet when I found her, even though there was this rush that I'd found her, I was fearful that she wasn't OK and just, I couldn't say anything, I screamed to attract attention and carried her upstairs. The detective was there that had helped us that morning, spent a minute with her and looked at me and said to me, she's dead. I think up to that point, I just kind of hoped we could bring her back that she was just asleep.

Linda Hoffman-Pugh, who replaced you, once said that she didn't know the room was there. What about the room where the little girl's body was found? Linda Wilcox: It's a wine cellar, that's what it was built as. It has no windows, I mean, it was a wine cellar.

The last time I was in that room, there was nothing in it, it was bare. It wasn't used for storage, it wasn't used for anything. It was very damp, anything you put in there got kinda moldy, nothing was in that room. It wasn't necessarily hidden but it wasn't in plain view.

And the room leading to it was the boiler room. It was kind of open but it was very dark. No one was ever down there much except maybe Burke. Burke was there occasionally. He had his train set down there. He was the only one who played down there. Patsy hardly ever went down there.

She'd go down to get whatever she needed, she didn't like to go down there. It freaked JonBenet out. It was cold, it was damp, it was cluttered, it was dark. Pretty much the household help were the only ones who went down there. In fact, I'm the one who discovered the safe. Patsy didn't know it was there. One day, it was Suzanne, myself, Nedra and Patsy. There had been a refrigerator down there.

We were cleaning it out and doing things and I was, the floor leading to that room is linoleum and I was cleaning it by hand and I Room To Let (Patsy) backing myself out of the room so I wouldn't track over what I had cleaned. And I was backing myself into the wine cellar, the vacuum was behind me as I backed into the wine cellar. When I saw the safe on the floor and I go, hey did you know that there was a safe in here?

It was covered with chips and paint and it hadn't been touched in a long time and I actually cleaned it off. And Patsy goes, 'Nah, I didn't know, John probably knows. Maybe he should, you know, drill it out sometime. There was no sign that it had been touched in years when I found it.

It was the first the police had heard about this. None of Det. Arndt's reports indicated that Ramsey had visited the basement before the body was found.

Ramsey now told the detectives for the first time about his finding the broken window open, which had surprised him. Taken aback by the revelation of Ramsey's visit to the basement, Thomas asked him why he didn't report what he found to Det. Arndt since someone could have entered through the window. Ramsey said he didn't know why. He just didn't know, he said a second time.

When asked if he also went into the boiler room and checked the wine cellar. He didn't go into that area of the basement, he said. Opening that door, however, the detectives discovered that they were in total darkness. There was no light switch on either wall at the top of the stairs or immediately outside the basement door. Any stranger would grope in vain for light.

Eventually, he might discover it set high on the wall behind his back, inconveniently located opposite the door. To get in, I broke one of the panes in a basement window: then I reached in and released the latch. I could climb inside. I think about the basement now. I jump up and hurry down there. I tell myself. I move down the basement hall and find the window. The pane is still broken, and the window is open, with a large old Samsonite suitcase sitting right under it.

Odd, I think. This doesn't look right. This suitcase is not normally kept here. The window ledge is a few feet off the floor, so a person would need something to stand on in order to get up and out. The frustration of waiting for the kidnapper to contact us becomes unbearable. Finally, Detective Linda Room To Let (Patsy) asks me to take one person, go through the entire house, and look for anything unusual or out of place. I don't stop to think that we should not be allowed to roam around the house with a police officer present - much less search the entire house by ourselves.

After all, it's my home. I live here. And I assume a police detective knows how to professional handle this kind of situation. Fleet is my friend and a father himself. Fleet can help. A bottom-to-top search will do that. Fleet doesn't mention to me that he had been down to the basement earlier that morning.

I tell him that I had found this window open earlier. We look for glass splinters and find some and small ones. As I looked at the photographs, I pointed out peculiarities when I saw them. Norman Bates is back again running his "quiet" little motel a month after the events in Psycho II. Norman meets three new people, one being a beautiful young nun with whom his budding relationship is beginning to make his "Mother" jealous.

He also hires a young man in need of a job to take care of the motel. A snooping reporter is showing interest in Norman's case. What will these new friends do for Norman?

Norman Bates is still running his little motel, and he has kept the dressed skeleton he calls mother. One of his guests is a young girl who has left the convent where she lived. To get some help he employs a young man. I've finally moved on to a different shirt and I think it is now my favourite casual, loose-fitting shirt pattern. I will tell you why. Room To Let (Patsy) number 1: there are several variations. Different sleeves, neckline, length and all sorts of smaller details as well.

I'm already planning a v-neck option soon. Reason number 2: the instructions and drafting are outstanding. I've made a few Hey June patterns and they are consistently good and informative. Reason 3: maybe I just needed a change? I mean, I still love the Archer. I've made it 4 times and I will probably make it again in the future but sometimes you need to try something different, you know?

Posted by PatsyPoo on September 21, The instructions don't mention adding a button to the collar stand, which ordinarily I would, but I don't ever see myself buttoning up this shirt all the way. One thing to note is how wide this neckline is, at least in my opinion. I know I won't be buttoning up this one to the top, but if I did, there's quite a lot of room around the neck.

Some people like not having a tight collar, other people might not. If you're one of the latter, keep this in mind to make necessary adjustments. My seams are all flat-felled or frenched.


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  1. Patsy Power Part 23 We went back down to the changing room and Angela came up and said,” we have just decided that there will not be a usual type of break between sets. With these numbers a stadium audience is always on the move in and out of the auditorium so we will do a five minute break between sets. I have organised a curtained area for you behind the PA speakers for you.
  2. Patsy Louise Lemarr Golley was born on January 6, in Knoxville, TN to Clyde Lemarr and Helen Vineyard. While at the University of Tennessee Knoxville Pat met Paul T. Golley on a blind date that led to a loving marriage of 43 years. The couple moved to Huntsville, AL in for Paul to pursue a prestigious career at NASA.
  3. Positively Patsy Part 11 Talk about coincidence! That will be something to speak to Ruby about. When I hung up I said “Joanne, how about we go and visit the nursing home then go and see Peter about getting a car?” We freshened up and took the sports car to the nursing home. When we walked in Kay greeted us both with a hug and kiss. “Hello, you two, it’s so great to see you.
  4. Patsy all of a sudden leaves the room. Rita knows not to where. Then the phone rings nearly a minute later. Patsy yells that the phone call is for Jams. Jams picks up the phone in the same room Rita is in. Jams laughs a little, chuckles a little, then hangs up. Jams immediately calls for Patsy. Patsy comes immediately running from the other room!
  5. Beautiful double room to let to single person The plot is interesting and well written, and comes to a good conclusion. Some good characters too, I liked Patsy, the eccentric old cat lady next door, she had a great turn of phrase. Definitely recommended and a great book. Read more. 5 /5(K).
  6. The Patsy Cline Historic House at S. Kent St. is at left. The S. Kent St. property donated by Timothy Mellon to Celebrating Patsy Cline Inc. is at right. giving it more room to offer.
  7. Patsy [BE] Room To Let: Patsy [BE] The Right Time: Patsy [BE] The Silence Of My Dreams: Patsy Ann Hinson With The Silvertones: Shorty Patsy Blane: Feeling: Patsy Blane: Things Look Different Now: Patsy Clark: Walking & Dreaming: Patsy Clark: Watcha Do To Me.
  8. Jun 21,  · Funeral service and interment for Patsy L. Yamashiro (nee Elliott) 72 is 11 AM Monday June 24, at St. Adalbert Cemetery, Niles. She was born September 26, in Decherd, TN and died Monday June.
  9. Dec 31,  · I also began to collect Patsy Cline karaoke tapes, practicing all the time. I swear to God, the majority of my time I devoted to singing Patsy. My routine was; get up, eat breakfast, go to school, daydream of singing a song of her's on the Grand Ole Opry, come home from school, lock myself in my room, to listen to Patsy, eat supper and go to bed!

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