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And on what looks to be her ankle no less. Dumb bitch. SrJames 8 jul MisandryMurder 13d. JuicyJess 13d. HistoryMemes25 13d.

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Your details. Your relationships to the rights holder. Type of claim. Describe the issue in detail. Please be specific. Jake was swoonworthy and a pretty believable guy. He was arrogant, but had Shes Dead conscience. I liked the romance between them. It wasn't all about the lust, but had some heat.

The teens acted like teens. Some of the girls were bitches. Some of the guys were dorks. They cussed and partied without being of Gossip Girl proportions. Trevor and Todd reminded me a lot of the Weasley twins. Annie was fun. I really liked the whole cast. This book is really one of the best of its kind.

Entertaining without frilliness. But the one thing I did not like at all was the ending. For all of you that are going to read it, know right now that it is not a stand alone, and that it is the first of a planned trilogy.

I was not aware of this going into it, and was very put off by the cliffhanger ending. My rebellious side was like "Nuh-uh, hell no. We ain't gonna get sucked in by this ploy. It is just because it is so good that I am going to be first in line for the second book. This is off-topic, but one thing I don't understand is why Kieran Scott uses her pen name for some works, but her real name for her others. What is the point of a pen name at all if everyone knows it's a pen name?

View all 15 comments. Usually, wanting to punch all the characters in a book it is not a really good sign. I hate horrible friends all Ally's supposed ex best friendsand rich kids with nothing else to do but to bully someone for their own entertainment same as beforeand rich people telling me what a difficult time they are having because their parents can't effort a palace AND a beach house same as beforeand rich stupid kids with Usually, wanting to punch all the characters in a book it is not a really good sign.

I hate horrible friends all Ally's supposed ex best friendsand rich kids with nothing else to do but to bully someone for their own entertainment same as beforeand rich people telling me what a difficult time they are having because their parents can't effort a palace AND a beach house same as beforeand rich stupid kids with rich stupid parents that do the same as their kids to the parents of the bullied not-so-rich-anymore kids oh, did I lose you?

Now that I got this out of my chest, I will tell you that I kind of liked Ally. She wasn't the silly girl, running and crying in the corner because her ex-best-friends are being so mean to her yes she gets emotional from time to time but also she gets over it pretty quickly.

She makes her moves, she says what she thinks, she keeps her head up and even though she wishes so badly to have back her old life she is not letting anyone walk all over her. GOOO Ally! BUT, because there is always a but, how could she be so smart in some ways and so silly otherwise?

How Shes Dead she fell in love with a jerk that hides their love story because his friends those stupid brats that were her friends before doesn't like her anymore - and without a good reason - and without giving her an opportunity to explain herself? Why in the world would you need a guy like that? Tell me because I can't seem to find one reason for that. And it is not like his side of the story is giving him more credit because in case you didn't know this is an 'alternative-pov' type of book, not so well done, but it is.

So back to what-s-his-name. And what I hate the most is the fact that even though he doesn't like what his friends do regarding Ally and her family he never, EVER does a thing against them. He never says a word to them, he even take part to the "revenges" they are planning.

And at the end he only proves what a jerk he is about the prom, about hiding important things, and lyingetc. Still, I have the feeling that at some point in the story I did like him and the moments with them togetherbut damn it, I can't remember why : The girl in me is so furious right now remembering the bad things.

Well I confess that I feel the need to continue this series because of that damn ending, and I have a secret wish that Ally is going to punch this guy, the interest love God I forgot his name, as memorable as he was into the story in the face at some point, or at least punch one of her ex-friends. Oh, I will sleep so well dreaming about this : Oh.

I've got it. Ally had a friend, and I liked her a lot, the problem is, was Ally a good friend to her? View all 3 comments. Okay so, where do I start, where do I start? Okay I'll start from the beginning. Couldn't you pick a nicer one, Kieran Scott? Whatever, I'll give you a chance anyway.

Weird title, too. Usually books with lame titles like that end up being lame and pretty awful themselves. So done and re-done. Are you even going to try? All right then. Let's start. I'm actually impressed. I like your writing style. It's cool and it's simple and it just rolls off you like nothing. You lose yourself in the pages and that's positive. I'm cheering for this book. Thoughts around half of the book. No words needed. Near the end of the book: OMG!!!!!! You're pefect!!! You just have to resist the last few pages.

If you have a solid and good ending. Just keep reading, Elena. I'm in love. I love her name. I've always loved the name Allyson. She does! Usually the male character is portraited as some perfect hero, while the female character gets all the annoying traits. Well not here. Here Ally's actually the cool one, and I love it. Not once does she let her old "friends" put their feet on her.

She's proud. She's strong. She won't let them humiliate her and I fell in love with her character right there and then when at the beginning of the book she stopped her bike and promised herself she would start a new life. She'd be a Norm, and she'd have new friends, and she'd rise from her ashes. Also, it wasn't like she depended on Jake and she faced him and told him no when it was needed. She really had an attitude I liked. The only thing that irked me a little about her were the neverending chances she was giving her friends to apologize.

But I can see her points. First of all, I guess she just wanted her "family" back. And second of all, I can't help it if she's more of a good person than I am. D: I'd be bitchslapping everybody there right now if I was Ally. Jake Graydon. I really can't stand you, Jake, you know? I mean, the drawback of having a kickass main character is that you notice twice as easily if the counterpart is up to the job.

Or not. Whereas Ally had a really nice attitude I appreciated, and she always tended to do the "right" thing, I sadly can't say the same about Jake.

I felt like that with Shes Dead all the time. He's part of why I liked this book so much, though. Well, part of that part. One part is because, as I've said, at least he wasn't the perfect hero authors always try to shove down our throats. He was a teenager and I felt that. And the rest of the part is more about Ally. Too much had happened. Ally needs time.

Jake is in a bad position right now. So yeah, what made this book so perfect was that the ending was not the cheesy thing I usually get, but something serious, something real. I spent the whole book hating on Ally's pseudofriends. How could people behave like that? It seems impossible to me that they would be so obtuse as to keep blaming Ally for something her freaking father did.

What the hell? I wanted to punch them all in the guts. Freaking pussy. I know this kind of story has been done a lot of time, but I seriously couldn't tear my eyes off this book. The writing was clear and good, the characters were just relatable and you were thrown into this spiral of emotions you couldn't get away from. And I wasn't disappointed in the least.

I actually read it in one afternoon. It was that good. The fact with this book is not that it's innovative. I mean, how many times have you heard this plot? Tons of times, I'll tell you. But what really surprised me about it is that it was really well done. The characters all have some kind of depth and personality, and they were not just there to cause trouble to our heroine. The writing wasn't excellent, but it was clear. There's a difference between easy writing and bad writing, and this author didn't cross that line.

She's So Dead To Us is meant to entertain, not to become some amazing-prose award. It's not rushed. Believe me, I've read tons of attempts to write a story like this, and they all failed miserably. This character didn't make sense, that other one fell in love too quickly, the story was plain obvious. Don't tell me you did. I was already braced for the worst, thinking: now let's see how the hell Kieran Scot gets them back together, what crappy ending she throws herself on.

But she didn't. That's how I liked the book. I usually don't give five stars to chick-lit because. I just don't. I didn't even give five stars to Anna and the French Kiss, which is now one of my favorite books. But I'm giving it to this one.

Weird, aren't I? Well, I'll live with that, Shes Dead. What more could you wish for? View all 6 comments. I seriously don't see it! The heroine is annoying, the hero is the gratest asshole in history and the cresties are the worst friends to ever grace the pages of a book.

Ally I was so annoyed with this girl. Her dad screwed up, lost a lot of money theirs and their friends'and then left them. I get the rage directed at him, I get it. What I don't get are her self-righteous "my dad destroyed my perfect little life" comments. She is the one who left and never called her friends. Yes, they are snobbish idiots but she didn't try to keep them, she didn't give them the chance to keep being her friends.

Now she comes back 2 years later and expects them to be thrilled to see her? WTH, I wouldn't want her back and I don't have their money or anything. Don't get me started on what she did to her "BFF" and she still hasn't has the guts to tell her and apologize. She lets her so called "friend" date a douche just so she won't have to admit that they are right about her that she can't be trusted and she deserves every bad thing that's happened to her.

And David, sweet, funny, David who deserves so much better than a girl who kisses him one moment and then ogles another guy while she still hugs him And Jake There is nothing "hero-ish" about Jake. He is a jerk. A huge ass. What Ally sees in him is beyond me. He is a shallow, whorish, snobbish, cowardish, egotistic douche. He is the "Jock", the bad guy in every story, the one who sleeps with the girl and then pretends he doesn't know her.

In YA books he is usually the guy that the heroine gets over when she meets the hero. He has no saving grace whatsoever. But he's hot, so let's forget everything else And the friends in this book Don't get me started. The only characters I liked were David and Annie and Ally did not deserve them. Even her mom, who is supposed to be "kind and nice" is just a gold digger.

She doesn't go after the money, she goes after the status which is one and the same in my book. I was hoping for an improvement so I went ahead and read some reviews on the next books and I just learned that this shit gets worse. I'm not reading this Not happening! View all 7 comments. This book was lots of funin that I-wanted-to-reach-into-the-book-and-punch-these-characters-upside-the-head!

She's So Dead to Usstarts off with Ally and her mom back in town, after having to escape in absolute shame since Ally's dad lost a lot of money in a bad investment, leaving them broke as well as most of their friends. Only when Ally tries to make nice with her old circle, she's outcast and dubbed as a just a 'Norm'. Jake Graydon the oh-so-gorgeous guy who now lives in Ally's old man SO! Jake Graydon the oh-so-gorgeous guy who now lives in Ally's old mansion, can't help be attracted to the girl who all his friends hate, but can he follow his heart or does he keep following the in-crowd?

Truth me told, I'm amazed I even finished this book. This, is not a Tina book. This book, these characters, represent everything I hate about popular social cliques. Not Ally, but her father. I spend half the night thinking about how a lot of the conversations should have went, since some of these characters were so gutless to say it. I wanted to hate all these characters, but really there was only two I hated the most. Faith and Shannen. Actually Shannen is the biggest. She's controlling and manipulative and malicious and immature.

I don't care what her reason are, she's pure evil in my freaken book. Hammond, Chloe and especially Jake, just didn't have the freaken balls to stand-up to their friends. Can't look uncool now, that would be bad. But I think the worse one out of all this was Jake. Seriously, the guy had his moments, sure, and I actually did like him, but I couldn't believe what a spineless ass he was being, not to mention the fact that he's a male-slut and so dame arrogant.

Yes, okay, he had defended Ally Jake and Ally do have some really great chemistry and when it's just the two of them it feels like they're in there own little bubble. I couldn't help but hope for them throughout the story, even though a part of me thinks that Ally deserves and could do better. So why did I give this four stars when obviously me and this book had issues?

All of the above. Kieran Scott is a fantastic, fantastic writer! Never did read anything from her before, but she's made an instant fan out of me. My all time favorite thing about reading is when a writer can invoke such powerful emotions from me. Whether it be rage, hope, lust or laughter. And dame! Did I have some Shes Dead for this book. I don't think I've ever read a book this fast, and I'm a pretty fast reader. I was so completely consummed by this that I had to ignore the twist in my stomach from being so utterly frustrated, annoyed and quite frankly, pissed off from hell.

So, Kudos to Scott! She knows how to make a reader feel and that my friends is what reading is all about. In a nut shell, I loved this book, I hated this book and that goes for these characters as well. This book is filled with the utmost drama, angst and pure teenage-immaturity but it's also has some sweet warm moments that makes the reader really hope for the best and crave that happily ever after.

The last thing I want to mention is that I'm SO glad I don't have to wait till the next book, cause that ending was seriously harsh. View all 9 comments. Dec 18, Emerald Sue rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary.

Lanie Parish Seamus Dever Kevin Ryan Bess Armstrong Paula Casillas Rachel Boston Penny Marchand Mercedes Mason Toni Johnston Rick Ravanello Steve Adams David Gianopoulos Albert Moreno Evan Helmuth Edit Storyline When a famous psychic is murdered, Beckett and Castle search for her killer while also carrying on a spirited debate on the existence of extrasensory abilities.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia The 'role' of the dead psychic is played by Patricia Tallmanthe actress perhaps best known for her role as Lyta Alexander on the series Babylon 5 The Lyta Alexander character is a very powerful psychic. Quotes [ first lines ] Penny Marchand : Mom? Mom, are you here? Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where exactly did the letter come from??

Language: English. Runtime: 43 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit page. September Streaming Picks. Editors' Picks: Netflix Highlights. Clear your history. Richard Castle. Kate Beckett.

Martha Rodgers.


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  1. 1 day ago · Word of Judy Cashner’s death came as quite a shock to Judy Cashner. The news came from her bank, Wells Fargo, in a letter last month. The Lincoln City woman was surprised to .
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  4. Oregon woman disputes Wells Fargo claim she’s dead: ‘It’s not funny’ “My income was not available because I was deceased,” the retired secretary says.
  5. Sep 27,  · Directed by John Terlesky. With Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Ruben Santiago-Hudson. When a famous psychic is murdered, Beckett and Castle search for her killer while also carrying on a spirited debate on the existence of extrasensory abilities. Evidence mounts on both sides, especially when a letter arrives from the victim, penned the day she was killed and predicting 8/10().
  6. Sep 22,  · She’s Dead, and Life is Possible. She Made It Possible. We had built a fire in the backyard on Friday because it was the first night it seemed cold enough to do so. It took forever to get it started. The wood was cold and a little damp from sitting in the garage all summer. The butane lighter was starting to run out of juice and we didn’t.
  7. Yeah she's going for good Oh and I'd love to go with you but I never would Face it you've blown it this time round Now I understand just why she's leaving Oh If she'd have hung around with me well you know she'd never go, no nonono Oh and I know she's leaving Yeah, she's going for good and I'd love to go with you but I never would Oh and I know.
  8. Jul 07,  · Ernie screaming "ahhhh she's dead" always gets to me. bitchboi 7 jul 88 Copy Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email {{ shortRepliesCount }} Show. Could you imagine if they were both alone at home and she passed the fuck out. This the type of kid to go straight for the ice cream she said he couldn't have, instead of calling the police.

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