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Download The Gunners Dream - Pink Floyd - The Final Cut (Cassette, Album)

Label: Elbo - 0380 • Series: Music Giants • Format: Cassette Album, Unofficial Release • Country: Poland • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock, Ballad

And he said so. We just didn't agree on anything anymore. Nobody thought they were that good then; what makes them so good now? I bet he thought I was just being obstructive. You can hear the mad tension running through it all.

Dave Gilmour: "It reached the point that I just had to say, 'If you need a guitar player, give me a call and I'll come do it. Roger also offered Dave and Nick the opportunity to withdraw entirely from the project, at least in name, and he would release it as a solo album.

Roger Waters: "[But they] didn't want that, because they know songs don't grow on trees. They wanted it to be a Floyd record. It's not what I would like to do. I didn't enjoy making it, I didn't have much to do with making it, and there was very little enjoyment in it, for me.

It's made me consider saying 'Oh fuck it, I'll jack it in,' because it's not what I want to do any more. But I haven't done that, as yet. Who knows? It's one of those hard things. Dave Gilmour: "For Roger, as I say, it's a successful album. He's setting out to explore something, and he does it very successfully. I think, personally, it's a weak album musically. I think there's only three good songs on it.

I can't quite manage to make myself believe that if the lyrics and the power of what you're saying is good enough then the music that helps portray it doesn't really matter. In a way it would have been better to have been a solo album, I think. It is a solo album, really, largely. I wouldn't want to knock anything that's good, whoever it's by. And I didn't, at the time, knock anything because of any personal problems that one was going through. There is no doubt in my mind that his strongest suit has always been writing.

He works very hard at that, and he's less interested, I think, in the music. Roger will happily use the same piece of music four times, with different lyrics to make a new point in the story.

Whereas Dave would probably try and find four different pieces of music — and hang the same lyric on it! He died in the last war and I kind of feel that I personally may have betrayed him, because we haven't managed to improve things very much.

That the economic cycles still over-ride everything, with the best intentions, the cycle of economic recession followed by resurgence still governs our actions.

So everything's accelerating, and it seems very likely that we'll just get into one big down and that'll be the end of it. We'll get into a great big down and somebody somewhere, by some mistake or just because they think it seems like a good idea, will press the button and that'll be the end.

I see no way round that, unless we stop having quite so many children. The 'Holophonics' system used on this album is a mysterious system of recording done by Zuccerelli Labs, which is very likely simply a system of binaural recording. The holophonics theory is that there are high frequencies generated by the ear, and that sounds interfere with these frequencies, and the interference pattern is what our brains interpret.

The fact that this sounds like a crock makes no difference to how great the music sounds on headphones, with added depth and layers as opposed to non-binaural recordings. I think by then there was very much a feeling that we were really hardly a band any more, that the sum was no longer greater than the parts, that we weren't achieving anything like our potential. But the thing became an arena for all the problems of Roger feeling that really he wanted to either leave the band or run it his way.

And the material sort of drifted, actually, I think it probably drifted away from one idea and then became a sort of new concept and new story. And that happened halfway through, and instead of perhaps ditching it, which is perhaps what we should have done, or rethinking it, we didn't even really have the sort of mechanism set up any more as a band to be able to sort of sit and talk rationally about it, it would have simply been another opportunity for a fight.

Roger Waters: "Recently, I was in a shop and there was a woman standing there whom I knew slightly. Quite suddenly she said to me 'Where was your father killed? In fact, it had reduced her to tears. Floating down through the clouds Memories come rushing up to meet me now But in the space between the heavens and in the corner of some foreign field I had a dream I had a dream.

Goodbey Max Goodbey Ma After the service when you're walking slowly to the car And the silver in her hair shines in the cold november air You hear the tolling bell and touch the silk in your lapel And as the tear drops rise to meet the comfort of the band you take her frail hand and hold on to the dream.

A place to stay Enough to eat Somewhere old heroes shuffle safely down the street Where you can speak out loud about your doubts and fears And what's more no-one ever disappears You never hear their standard issue kicking in your door You can relax on both sides of the tracks And maniacs don't blow holes in bandsmen by remote control Ans everyone has recourse to the law And no-one kills the children anymore And no-one kills the children anymore. Night after night Going round and round my brain His dream is driving me insane In the corner of some foreign field The gunner sleeps tonight Whats done is done We cannot just write off his final scene Take heed of the dream Take heed.

Button your lip and don't let the shield slip Take a fresh grip on your bullet proof mask And if they try to break down your disguise with their questions You can hide hide hide behind paranoid eyes.

You put on your brave face and slip over the road for a jar fixing your grin as you casually lean on the bar laughing to loud at the rest of the world with the boys in the crowd You hide hide hide behind petrified eyes.

You believed in their stories of fame fortune and glory Now you're lost in a haze of alcohol soft middle age The pie in the sky turned out to be miles to high And you hide hide hide behind brown and mild eyes. Brezhnev took Afghanistan Begin took Beirut Galtieri took the Union Jack And Maggie over lunch one day took a cruiser with all hands apparently to make him give it back.

Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere And build them a home, a little place of their own The Fletcher Memorial home for incurable tyrants and kings. And they can appear to themselves every day on closed circuit T.

Begin and friend Mrs. Thatcher and Paisley Mr. Brezhnev and party The ghost of McCarthy The memories of Nixon And now adding colour a group of anonymous latin- american meat packing glitterati.

They can polish their medals and sharpen their smiles, and amuse themselves playing games for a while Boom boom, bang bang, lie down you're dead. Safe in the permanent gaze of a cold glass eye With their favourite toys They'll be good girls and boys In the Fletcher Memorial home for colonial wasters of life and limb. Is everyone in? Are you having a nice time? Now the final solution can be applied.

They disembarked in '45 And no one spoke and no one smiled They were too many spaces in the line Gathered at the cenotaph All agreed with the hand on heart To sheath the sacrificial knifes but now. She stands upon Southampton Dock The Gunners Dream - Pink Floyd - The Final Cut (Cassette her handkerchief and her summer frock clings to her wet body in the rain In quiet desperation knuckles White upon the slippery reins of state She bravely waves the boys goodbey again.

And still the dark stain spreads between his shoulder blades A mute reminder of the poppy fields and graves And when the fight was over We spent what they had made But in the bottom of our hearts We felt the final cut. Through the fish eyed lens of tear stained eyes I can barely define the shape of this moment in time And far from flying high in Album) blue skies I'm spiralling down to the hole in the ground where I hide.

If you negotiate the minefield in the drive And beat the dogs and cheat the cold electronic eyes And if you make it past the shotguns in the hall Dial the combination, open the priesthole And if I'm in I'll tell you what's behind the wall. There's a kid Album) had a big hallucination Making love to girls in magazines He wonders if you're sleeping with your new found faith Could anybody love him or is it just a crazy dream.

And if I show you my dark side Will you still hold me tonight And if I open my heart to you and show you my weak side What would you do Would you sell your story to Rolling Stone Would you take the children away And leave me alone And smile in reassurance as you whisper down the phone Would you send me packing Or would you take Album) home. Thought I oughta bare my naked feelings Thought I oughta tear the curtain down I held the blade in trembling hands Prepared to make it but just then the phone rang I never had the nerve to make the final cut.

Fuck all that we've got to get on with these Got to compete with the wily japanese There's too many home fires burning And not enough trees So fuck all that We've got to get on with these. Can't stop, lose job, mind gone, silicon What bomb, get away, Album), pay day, make hay Break down, need fix, big six Clickity click, hold on, oh no brrrrrrrrring bingo! Make em laugh, make em cry, make em dance in the aisles Make em pay, make em stay, make em feel ok.

Not nah John We've got toget on with the film show Hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow Who cares what it's about As long as the kids go Not now John Got to get on with the show. Hang on John I've got to get on with this I don't know what it is But it fits on here like Come at the end of the shift We'll go and get pissed But not now John I've got to get on with this. Hold on John I think there's something good on I used to read books but It could be the news Or some other abuse Or it could be reusable shows.

Fuck all that we've got to get on with these Got to compete with the wily japanese No need to worry about the vietnamese Got to bring the russian bear to his knees Well, maybe not the russian bear Maybe the Swedes We showed Argentina Now let's go and show these Make us feel tough And wouldn't Maggie be pleased Nah nah nah nah nah nah! S'cusi dove il bar Se para collo pou eine toe bar S'il vous plait ou est le bar Oi' where's the fucking bar John!


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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of The Final Cut on Discogs. Label: Columbia - QCT ,Columbia - • Format: Cassette Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Pop Rock, Prog Rock The Gunners Dream: A6: Paranoid Eyes: B1: Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert: B2: Pink Floyd: The Final /5(12).
  2. The Post War Dream: A2: Your Possible Pasts: A3: One Of The Few: A4: The Hero's Return: A5: The Gunners Dream: A6: Paranoid Eyes: B1: Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert: B2: The Fletcher Memorial Home: B3: Southampton Dock: B4: The Final Cut: B5: Not Now John: B6: Two Suns In The Sunset Drums – Andy Newmark4/5(3).
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of The Final Cut on Discogs. Label: Harvest - 14C • Format: Cassette Album • Country: Greece • Genre: Rock • Style: Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock.
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of The Final Cut on Discogs.4/5(7).
  5. " The Gunner's Dream " is a song from Pink Floyd 's album The Final Cut. This song was one of several to be considered for the band's "best of" album, Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd. The song tells the story and thoughts of an airman gunner as he falls to his death during a raid, dreaming of a safe world in the future, without war.
  6. The Post War Dream: 2: Your Possible Pasts: 3: One Of The Few: 4: The Hero's Return: 5: The Gunners Dream: 6: Paranoid Eyes: 7: Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert: 8: The Fletcher Memorial Home: 9: Southampton Dock: The Final Cut: Not Now John Vocals – David Gilmour: Two Suns In The Sunset.
  7. The Final Cut Pink Floyd Rock · Preview Editors' Notes Roger Waters dominated Pink Floyd on The Wall, but the follow-up was nearly his first solo album. Rick Wright had been fired, studio musicians supplant the band, and even David Gilmour only sings lead on the scabrous rocker "Not Now John". The Gunner's Dream. 6.
  8. Oct 24,  · From "The Final Cut"-album! Requested by user: raelalaful. If you want a song uploaded with the lyrics, send me a message or post a comment. Lyrics: Floating.
  9. Apr 25,  · Pink Floyd ´s ¨The Gunner´s Dream¨. From The Final Cut album. Instrumental cover by Pablo Cámara. Includes Sax Solo arranged for guitar. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. ALL RIGHTS REMAIN WITH ARTISTS.

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